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Chapter 1 Never thought that I should arrive quite so... Well, well, means, it was so necessary not only me. Today at night I leave this house. When will I return?. I do not want even now to think of it. All necessary was already collected even in the afternoon. Yes, I knew what will be quite so. Now it does not intend to listen to someone, will be exactly as itself I will solve. Today, yes, I will leave tonight as soul demands! It is good that I have money on the card, and quite they will be enough for me for the ticket to the next town, and there we will look … Sorry, of course, but me quite...
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Chapter 1 Never thought that I should arrive quite so... Well, well, means, it was so necessary not only me. Today at night I leave this house. When will I return?. I do not want even now to think of it. All necessary was already collected even in the afternoon. Yes, I knew what will be quite so. Now it does not intend to listen to someone, will be exactly as itself I will solve. Today, yes, I will leave tonight as soul demands! It is good that I have money on the card, and quite they will be enough for me for the ticket to the next town, and there we will look … Sorry, of course, but me quite bothered is here … I carefully with a small bag on a shoulder left the house. I had to write small pismetso, just in case, that I was not looked for, having thought that was missing. And so, will read, all will understand, I hope … Ahead of me waits for the new future! Meet me, the storming world! By the way, I do not want to describe who stayed at home as they concern me and so on. It is not important, absolutely, at the moment. Just this terrible misunderstanding of each other went too far. And it was necessary to me here so sharply to finish it. I did not see other exit, this, most not on there is a best! When reached the central street, hurried to call the taxi. To me more than 20 minutes near new lodges were necessary to stick out. And still such late hour in some windows bright light shone, probably someone does not hurry to go to bed. And as it is good that today Wednesday!, On the street it is not so crowded, not to compare it to the days off, then not the small number of drunk faces from which type just shakes would already meet. No, not from the fact that I am afraid of them, and just just seeing already feels sick. How disgustingly to look at them and to see these abrupt as they think, features. Well, of course, so far your head in a drunk dope, you feel as the full man of courage and how you will sober up, so you grab a golovushka – "that I the poor thing did?". Chapter 2 The driver with sleepy eyes asked where to bring me and hurried to report that at night they take ten more for journey. I it, of course knew therefore I gave it money at once, and we went to the nearest round-the-clock shop. There just and the ATM nearby, money it was necessary to remove. Ah and, almost forgot that the sim card needs new to be bought, and old for a while to postpone that did not ring the annoying calls., While we went, I thought that it will be too cruel to take and leave just like that. It is decided that I will not change a sim card, will call, I will tell that left on affairs and I will return soon. More words. Let know that live and with me everything is excellent. And here before me a show-window of shop. Not the best and cheap, but, other option was not expected. On a porch in the ATM I removed several thousands and thrust them into a pocket, they still will be useful to me. Other sum let will remain on the card, it will be so safer. In shop bought cigarettes, a bottle of water and went towards the station. Before the first flight it was necessary to wait not for long, about two hours. Exactly I will go to four thirty from here far away. Sitting on a cool shop at the station square, started up puffs in the dark sky. Here and there stars, only the brightest were looked through, others just disappeared from the sky absolutely. And the large moon which reigned in the sky more than an hour ago just on just was gone behind dense clouds, occasionally proving to be pale hunks., At last in the building of the station turned on the light, the cash desk opened. I hurry to buy the ticket. I constantly looked around as was afraid that I will be noticed by someone from acquaintances. Now I did not need it at all. And that will begin – "where what for?" Yes to a lump what difference! Not your business and only! When I had a ticket in hands, gradually the sky brightened. The breeze still swung leaves on lonely trees. On asphalt candy wrappers from candies and enough stubs were rolled. Yes, what after all people are pigs! Never understood how it is possible to pass by a ballot box and to throw an unfortunate candy wrapper simply on a floor! Where we live there and we spoil! Exactly in due time announced landing. Fortunately, there were very few people on this flight. Together with me only six people. Now it was possible to choose practically any place in the bus and to travel about to the city, looking at how the world wakes up from a dream. Chapter 3, When the bus began the movement, I already sat with earphones in ears and at a small loudness listened to music. Yes, it was pleasure … Wide fields, the wood strips which again are replaced by fields were outside the window stretched. The sky was absolutely cleaned from clouds, and it was fine! Stars which so brightly shone at night seemed now small beads which gradually died away. On the horizon the fiery dawn flared. Slowly, but it is sure, it spread on all surface of a terrestrial dome.I slowly deliberated where I will go when I arrive in the city. I did not want to go to the acquaintances at all. I do not know why, but there was a feeling that to me it is necessary just to be alone at least several days, alone with the thoughts. Then it is possible already and to pay a visit. Me began to drive in a dream. As soon as dreams began to dream me, I right there woke up. In such state there was about half an hour. Here unexpectedly the bus sharply gave on brakes. I was well knocked by the head about other seat, appear, sparks will depart from eyes. In salon turmoil began. The driver told that all sat in place. Then it left a cabin and slammed a door. Hm, it not really was pleasant to me. It was necessary to remain on the place, but began to look in all windows if only to see what occurred. One of passengers sitting on front seats cried out something all the rest. People rushed to it. Well, I did not lag behind. Hasty ran up to a window and began to look., At first, could understand nothing that occurred. When looked down on the road, noticed traces of fresh blood. Became closermore and more. Someone from young men pressed the button of opening of a passenger door and all in turn went out of the bus. The fresh morning air filled with a grass smell at once rushed in a nose. The silence reigned. The road in both directions was empty. Now on this place we were absolutely alone. My curiosity outweighed, and I approached to the driver's door. Oh, my God! What appeared before me! It was difficult to believe in it, but all this was the truth. On cold asphalt under a wheel of this huge bus the woman's body lay. Could not consider her face as it was covered with blood. The most awful when saw how several edges stuck out of a breast through clothes. Nobody doubted that she is dead. But with unclear feeling inside I began to probe its pulse. And, you will not believe, pulse was, weak, but was. The crew of emergency medical service was right there called. We tried to pull out the woman from under a heavy wheel, it was not possible. Now it became noticeable how she the, right hand clutched at the head, felt the stomach and plaintively groaned. On the face of passengers I saw horror. Someone got a light a cigarette and nervously smoked, others tried to photograph all this on phone. Strange, from where this woman in such early hour appeared here and what she in general here forgot? Nearby there was no settlement. However, I did not want to think of it now at all. Suddenly one of men said that the bus driver was gone. It appeared, the truth. It was not anywhere. Then to me absolutely all this situation became unclear. What do we need to do? Of course, to wait for arrival of ambulance. Together still more than once tried to release the woman, but everything is vain. From it she only groaned more and clutched hands at the head. Having taken the first-aid kit from the driver in salon, began to look for something useful. We tied up those wounds which it was possible to reach. Also cleaned her face from blood. Now clearly it was visible, these to horror the scared eyes and lips clenching from pain., The woman tried to tell something, but it absolutely was impossible to her. We could not sort any word. Then she began to specify by a hand woodward, but the majority thought that at the moment it has just a nonsense and anything else. All waited for ambulance and rescuers who could get out the victim from under a wheel. By the way, the police was already called too. But a question where the driver got to, nobody could answer. For certain, he was frightened and now hid from all, being afraid of punishment. But I think, it would be absolutely silly! Was heard howl sirens. Yes, has to be very close the ambulance already., Chapter 4 At last! The crowd of passengers at once quickened. All began to come to the road to wave a hand. When I turned woodward, heard as I from depth was distributed someone's cry. It seems that the small child sobbed. Right there thought that it could be her son. Strange, of course, but anything can be. Behind me the standing little man began to listen too and suggested to go and look. The others did not even look in our party. Both hasty went down and started wandering in the wood. Cry became louder. I already thought, now we will see the child who absolutely alone sits, having clamped and cries, calling mother to itself. No, nothing similar is visible. The sound was somewhere absolutely close, but we could not find its source in any way. It was necessary to us will stop, and again to listen. Somewhere it is absolutely close. We began to call this unknown and promised that we will make nothing bad. In reply silence. It seemed to me that went too far already. Having turned back, saw only old trees in which there was no gleam. I shuddered. At once in the head a thought – "really got lost? "And the sound of crying disappeared. We did not manage to hear it any more. Having run back, already precisely understood, came absolutely not from there and it is expensive in other party. Siren sounds were not heard too, also noise from cars was not observed. It was not believed at all that we could get lost so quickly. It is necessary to call! Of course! What my surprise when on the screen it was shown that there is no communication was., Even the emergency call did not work.Why we in general poperlis it is so far?! Having squated, I began to smoke a cigarette. Too most Victor did and, we already managed to get acquainted. Now just looked around and at each other, and at all did not understand what to do next. Later Vitek ran round, trying to catch though some communication. Everything was vain. We many times stopped and listened, but at all heard nothing, except wind noise. It was senseless to panic. Again sat down and began to think how to arrive further. Many thoughts came to mind, alas, finally they remained the silly ideas. We even tried to shout in all throat, the answer was not observed. On hours there was already the seventh hour. We hoped that can be there will pass some mushroom picker and will be able to bring us to the road. Though in soul, I did not trust in it at all. Later still half of hour we decided to move forward. Most likely, we will come across though some footpath if we do only not make even worse … How many we did not go, around there was a silence. Yes though the dog what would run, the village close means. Really there are even no wild beasts any? Everything died out perhaps? I noticed that my acquaintance began to be nervous already strongly. He said that today the important meeting which it will miss had to take place. And all this did not conduct to good. Most likely all its affairs are up the spout. Well, and I was not in an advantageous position, now at all. I did not want to walk in these awful woods in search of any road too. In my head other plans turned absolutely … Of course, it became more and more clear what we do not know where to go. Communication did not appear. After all, I hope that passengers noticed that there are not enough two and moved off in searches. Though nonsense all this. To them far more interestingly now is near the bus, and then to hurry on the affairs. None of them will even remember us. - What will we do next now? – with alarm Victor objected, - we cannot remain here. - Of course, - I continued – We by all means will find the road and we will leave to the next settlement. Also give without panic! Victor became silent. I saw how to it it was heavy now. Now we, as needles in a haystack. As there was a wish to cry, can though someone will hear us. Again tore a throat as could, in reply only an echo. It is more than nothing. Sil to go further already simply was not enough. It, was necessary to arrange rest. At the same time one thought that it is necessary to spend the night in the wood horrified me. No, it was necessary to go forward, we have to leave to a decline from here! Absolutely imperceptibly distances between old trees increased, and the grass became lower. In several moments the big glade was presented to our look. Somewhere nearby the stream murmured. Trills of birds were heard. Right there we inhaled some life. Here precisely someone lived. At heart it became lighter. Victor looked at me with hope and now with a smile walked forward. I followed it. Slightly more to the right the stream ran, water in it was absolute transparent, clean as if Rossa's drops. The surface was literally poured in the sun, brightly being reflected in eyes. And on taste water pleasant. Real natural source. There was a wooden small hut slightly further. As in the fairy tale, only not on chicken legs and the baba-yaga was not observed here. Having approached closer, noticed that someone drew a blind in a window. Means precisely, someone is here. Shy knocked at doors. Nobody answered. Then Victor accurately three fingers knocked on a window. Now have to open., Strange, but nobody left. Maybe just are afraid of us? - Victor, but I precisely saw how drew a blind in a window, so there are people. - Yes, I saw too. But why do not open for us? - I do not know, let's knock still. Not deafs they and not blind people! Repeatedly knocked at the door. Any sign. Then having approached a window, I shouted that we got lost and not to the reasons for nobody is angry. Thought that now will precisely open, but it is vain. Then we bypassed all house around, nothing remarkable if not one, but. From the back party there was one more door. Then began and to knock on it. But after knock it was slightly opened. Probably, it was not locked., Chapter5Iopened a door completely and glanced inside. At once felt a smell of dampness and a mold. Yes, not from pleasant. Victor followed me. - We will do nobody the harm, hear? We are civilians and we need the help! Silence. It seemed that someone plays with us a mean joke. Though on appearance of this small hut the leg of the person did not go already rather long time here. Near that window there was a table, all in a dense bed of dust. On corners the black web on which small spiders faded hung. There was a huge oven and, it is called still "the Russian oven". In it it is possible to cook food and bread. The shop, several chairs which are moved up to a table stood also nearby. Slightly having far away inclined on one party, there was an old case. One its door was slightly opened, nearby the mirror hung on a wall rounded shape. In it nothing was visible as also on a surface the thick layer of black dust accumulated. Having wiped it with a sleeve, sharply jumped aside back. On it Victor screamed and has a look the scared eyes at me. - Can do it and madness, but in reflection I saw not myself, and absolutely other person! My God, can just it seemed. That will make sure we together once again approached a mirror, but similar saw nothing, except the reflection. Means, seemed. We saw each corner of this house, but noticed nothing. People were not here., And the door which was the first just was probably main, another as an emergency exit. Also there was a small home library. All books were already very old, it was worth opening the first page, the leaf which right there turned yellow came off and fell on a floor. - Victor, I will not understand one who then drew a curtain? Seem to two same could not! - You know, I think, this awful place and needs to be hurried from here far away. - No, remained to time a little, in an hour the sun will sit down and there will come night. And you represent, in the wood wolves, bears … and we for a nickname well will approach as a magnificent dinner! Not really I want it therefore I suggest to remain till the morning here! At least precisely in safety, under a roof. Victor could not offer me other option and nodded. Both of us understood, that we need food. Water it is good to eat nearby, and here without food in any way. Who knows how many still it is necessary to go … For the present did not darken, decided to survey the territory around a log hut. You never know what it is possible to find. We wandered around, examined the territory. Any traces of human life, but someone here lived earlier? No useful find was found. Came back to a log hut. Just in case with an awful scratch closed a door on a hook. The sun already slowly was behind trees. There was a silence. Even wind abated. The sky from golubooko turned into bloody color. Looking out of other window on the opposite side in the dark sky the first asterisks already appeared. So far they shone absolutely dimly, but will shine later as bulbs. Also imperceptibly there was the full moon. - Unusually somehow! - Yes, Victor, is not houses! You want you do not want, and it is necessary to remain. And why in general went to this wood. And this crying haunts, sharply began and also quickly disappeared. You know, precisely some nonsense! Apparently, to us just arranged me a mean joke though who needs it? Or there the truth the child cried, but we just went not to that party. And there is no communication, to call it will not turn out in any way., - Victor, and how at you the situation with a mobile phone charge is? For a long time will last? - I think, for hours 12 precisely. - Give so, I the will switch off phone. And how your charge will terminate, I will include the? We do not know what for us was prepared by destiny still? - I thought of it too. Well, switch off the. Once again made sure that there is no communication. Now my phone which is simply switched off lay in a pocket. It was possible to take a nap now. Only this way there was no wish lays down on this bed. From it bore a cool, a mold smell. Also the dirty pillow and a small blanket lay. Everything was in dust. I even sneezed when I straightened a blanket. But the sheet was almost clean. Dust and dirt on it did not get. To me even perekhotetsya to sleep absolutely now. And time was not many. It was necessary to think where we will go in the morning, to what party? I lit a sigarette and peered at darkness outside the window. Only gloomy shadows of trees played on a glade, rocking from a light breeze. It is heard as the stream murmured. And only now appeared howl hungry wolves. On a back goosebumps right there ran. It is good that we inside, but not outside. Victor did not hide the behavior, he was afraid. To me, it was necessary to calm him and to assure that we in safety. We will be surely found or we will find a way out. We will not remain here for the rest of life., As soon as becomes lighter, we will go further. I found some bottle which is useful to pour in it water from a stream. Also once more began to look in cases. We and sat near a window at dim light of the moon if I did not manage to find candles. They were about ten pieces here. It pleased me. In a minute on a table two candles burned, it became much lighter and are warmer. Victor began to tell me about the life as he was not lucky that today it could not be at a meeting. Really it it was a pity to me. In eyes grief, any hope. There can be this meeting and to it was so important, but it will not replace life. It would seem, and it was easier for me to argue on it. I passed nothing important. Itself wanted to leave far away from the house, and now, I do not know that further. And, probably, I already one hundred times was called on phone, wait for my call, and I cannot make it. Better let think that to me it is good now and I am happy. Eyes began to be closed gradually, there was a wish to lie down. I just-headed laid down on a table and began to fall asleep. Victor after all ventured to lay down on that bed though it was not pleasant to me at all. You never know who on it slept? But the acquaintance only lay down on it quicker and took cover a blanket. Said that so to it will be warmer. Later a lot more time sneezed, before his snore which excited silence was distributed. In my imagination there were already all new and new pictures of how we come out of this wood. Yes, I sank into a sleep. Chapter 6 Dream * I successfully reached the city without any incidents. Left at the station and went to a, stop. The bus or the trolleybus stand and wait, now there was no difference. I did not even think where will go further. There passed several moments, and I appeared again at home. I lie on a sofa and I try to fall asleep. Someone began to knock loudly on a window, continually will break glass! * Did not manage to fall asleep properly yet as the knock in a window was heard. Strange, in such time and in such place. Heart was without restraint driven in, roofing felts for joy, whether for fear. This unclear feeling. Victor jumped from a bed and ran up to me. We look out of the window, but there is nobody. It was necessary to go outside. Cold air shrouded all body from head to foot at once. From the moon there was a small piece why it was rather dark. - Who is it? Respond! Nobody answered at all. Only it is heard as wind frayed tired trees, and a sound of the running streamlet. Stood on a threshold a minute more, but saw nobody. Entered the house again. - Listen, Vityok, seems to me it or the joke real was or something else? I do not know. I have already a head around from all these strangenesses. Moreover and time so slowly goes …, - I do not know that to answer you. It is just necessary to wait for morning and to leave from here the quicker, the better! - You are right! Time on hours about two o'clock in the morning. Till the morning absolutely long. Now all my dream finally disappeared. I will not be able to fall asleep any more. Vityok, indifferently, again settled on a bed and began to fall asleep. I decided that it is possible to be rummaged around and find still what useful. Began to touch all books. I found a set of photos which were put between pages in one of them. Or someone very much was afraid to show these photos or decided that thus they will be more whole. Having taken the book in hand, having cleaned from dust put it on a table. Put one more candle nearby and began to examine each photo gradually. And, they were already quite old, turned yellow. Some of them were already torn, shabby, but still kept on themselves a history print. Considering these photos, I plunged into horror more and more deeply. On a photo there were people, probably from one family which were together and were photographed at different times years. All anything, if not one, but. On all photos surely there was a dead person. You see, there was such custom earlier perhaps or the rule if the person in family died, needed to be made with it surely the photo. Then this breathless corpse sat down, for example, in a chair and rose nearby, took a picture., It turned out as if assembled all happy family, and one of them just dozed off in a chair. I do not know why all this was necessary, but I am shocked. And here huge number of such photos, and not only one family. Most of all I struck the picture the sitting girl on a swing who was dead, stood near as I think, mother and the father. Oh, horror! On a body goosebumps ran, it became feel ill at ease. Having closed the book, right there began to drive away from itself all these thoughts. Then sharply again opened and began to revise photos. Also you know that noticed, all photos were made or in this house where we were now, or on the street. Even that tree has a photo which strongly bent to the earth. Precisely! Everything coincides! From a fright which overcame me I woke Victor and began to show the find and to explain where these photos were made. We came to a conclusion that earlier in this house there lived the big family. Later, their sort was damned and over time all family just died out. Kind of sadly it did not sound, but apparently it so. And the most interesting, all deaths occurred exactly in a year, on each photo date, and it definitely not banal coincidence is signed. So, at present, we were not in the best place though it is safer than in the wood among hungry wolves …, - Listen, let's be chosen from here immediately! I do not like all this … - Victor, if we go now, then it will be even worse. Let's come far more deeply moreover do not give My God we will get stuck in the swamp. You understand how now it is dangerous. We not at home, you understand!- You know, you as want, and I am ready to go now. To me is much more awful here, than there, on the street. And I, by the way, did not get used to tickle to myself nerves! Why in general did you get into these photos? Let would not know about them better. I did not begin to say anything to him any more, just made indifferent gesture and began to put a photo into place.After all I did not want to risk the life. And costed me huge efforts to dissuade the acquaintance from his idea. We needed to wait for about three hours before over the wood beams of the sun flash. I got a light a cigarette and peered at a window, trying to make out what was further. At the very same time jumped aside from a window. It seemed to me that because of a tree some person looks at me. Yes, it is indistinct, but it was real. Victor, of course, too shuddered here again dared to look out in a window and already now this figure was closer and continued to, look in our party. Now it was seen by Victor. It right there extinguished candles and crept closer to me. - As you think, what is it? - Anything, but it is clear that without good. You get accustomed, at it something in hands. Probably either on the axe, or on the hammer … I do not see. At this time the death silence set in and our breath was heard. It seemed that even tried to breathe more quietly, the main thing not to give the presence. Something became closer and closer to us. Now really the fear entangled legs. It not cinema and not a dream, such is reality., Chapter 7 It was necessary to undertake something! The first thought – to hide. Having grabbed an old knife, suggested to hide in a case. Can be will remember it and it is ridiculous, but not now! The smell proceeded even worse former from here, but will make nothing. Covered these doors with a gnash and became silent. Very inconveniently and closely to pant.Through a crack it was possible to see what occurs in the house. At once remembered horror films where the most awful scenes began. Unexpectedly for both of us the main door creaked. Heart clenched …At first silence. Then careful steps and noisy breath were heard. Steps came nearer closer. I grabbed a hand a cross worn on the neck and began to pray about myself. At the moment it could help. Here it was succeeded to consider this nightmare. This person oddly without matches and lighters lit candles. After that croaked. I shuddered, but continued to observe. It was the man, average years. When his head turned in our party, saw this awful person. It was pale, in eyes a white film. The hands crooked hunched. On a face no mimicry, this person the dead man was absolute … The main door creaked again. Now entered, more precisely as if moved by air, woman. She sat down near the man at a table and exchanged glances., They began to talk, something managed to be heard, but hardly. - And where our children? Are late again. - You could never accustom them to an order, both during lifetime, and now! - I ask, do not begin, will come soon … - We will wait, but not long, I am not going to wait, the sun will touch lands already soon, it is necessary to hurry!From their conversation precisely found out that they are really dead. And the woman looked also lifelessly, as well as her husband. The shocking picture.Now apparently their dead children approached. The boy in a hand had some flower, already sluggish. He presented it to mother, that in reply kissed him bluntly. The girl received a kiss too. Now all of them four sat at a table. I with impatience expected dawn. Reading in books about such things, knew that with the first beams of the sun they come back to themselves. The fear released me a little, but Victor probably still shocked., The man sharply got up and turned towards a case in which we were. Began to approach closer and closer … - Sash, that you found there, come back, itself said time a little. - And you do not feel on yourself a look, here someone is! I know it! There in a case … - The father, let's finish rather, to me already so painfully here to be! – with these words the girl approached the father and took him by hand. I recognized her, she is that girl who was on a photo and sat dead on a swing. Awfully … We were very lucky when the man went to the place. It was possible to relax a little. All family joined hands and began to whisper something. Probably, some ritual. Definitely I do not know. Over them some dark cloud appeared, then it began to be poured in white and blue color. In a minute suddenly disappeared. They continued to hold hands. Again there is this cloud. I do not know from what, began to pinch eyes, from them tears as if someone started up tear gas incessantly flowed. Despite it, tried to consider all events., Even breath was interrupted. It seemed, also all will stop soon. There was a wish to cry, but I managed to constrain myself. From suffocation Victor began to fidget and twitch. It was necessary to wait and suffer. It did not sustain. With a force opened a case and literally dropped out from there. I thought that I now too will be found, but I was not seen. All paid the attention to Victor. That lay on a floor now, having turned the eye towards a table where there was all procession. Well, all! To us end! The man got up and threw aside a chair on which sat. Now it approached to Victor. Then seized him by a collar and raised over itself. The dead eyes faced to it directly, then from all move threw aside why the stranger right there fainted., I did not sustain all this and jumped out of a case. The first thought – to run, but I cannot so. In a corner grabbed the old axe, with a force squeezed in hands, ready to strike blow to the opponent. - Do not you understand that you did? – by the menacing voice the man started talking. All other family not movably watched a table for occurring. Even none of them shuddered as if now they slept heavily. - We are not guilty of anything, we only want to come back home! - You will not come back home already! – after these words the man began to roar with laughter, then sharply broke off. He stood still and did not approach closer me. And I squeezed the axe in hands more and stronger, chose mentally the place of blow … Victor stood up meanwhile and departed in a corner. Most likely the blow was such force that now it was hardly possible to resist standing. - You, should not have become witnesses of all this! You have the world, at us the! But you intruded to us, so, have to pay for everything. And you will not manage to leave far any more … Then the man went to me., I shouted to Victor that it is time to run and from all move struck with the axe of this mertvyak. Then rushed to a door, Victor already waited for me on the street, and we were let in flight. It was still rather dark to consider an environment. I constantly faltered over some branches, fell, rose, but continued to run. The axe did not miss from hands, now it had to, very much it is useful, though it is heavy to run with it. All it seemed to me that pursue us, but did not dare to turn the head back. It could select precious time, or costed falling what there was no wish for at all. Some more seconds and under legs we turned out a terrible complete fiasco down. It is a trap!, - Victor, you as? - Normally, only probably injured a hand, and you? - Perfectly, only where we got? What for a hole? And the stench which is not taken out! - Probably we here any … Chapter 8 Victor began phone to light around, and now all saw with own eyes. It was quite deep hole … Apparently many already here got earlier. Near us a huge number of already decayed corpses, from it lay and the fetid smell proceeded. Horrific image. Again a shiver to the heels, terribly. - My God, really and we will remain here? – after these words my acquaintance punched to the earth then a little dirt from above fell down. I knew that for a start it is necessary to calm down, attentively to look round and think up how to be chosen from here. This hole was not only deep, but also wide. To get out an opportunity upward was not represented, it is unreal., Walls are absolutely vertical, there is even no place to come, though earth. And in general it is continuous clay, not to punch even a fist, there is no dent left. Besides wild cold still here lived, and above it is possible to see the star sky, even edge of the Milky Way considerably. There was a wish that there occurred long-awaited blossoming quicker … Sitting at a cold clay wall, I began to plunge deeply into the thoughts. Remained alone with itself. Victor too now was silent, probably, thought. As I wanted to return back everything. At the moment, knowing what expects me, would stay at home. Yes it would be better let for me heavy at heart, but I should not have sat in this ugly now the place and to wait for morning. I wanted to see the relatives, to embrace, kiss so strong. Just now I understand how they are not enough. And if I any more never return what then? We never will be found any more. Will say that were missing., All will look for, but it is vain. How many will leave forces, pain, grief … But mother will always wait for me despite of everything. She will believe that I will open a door and I will enter a home. Now I could not constrain the collected tears, just closed eyes hands and began to sob. And let say that men do not cry! Means in me there is soul, feelings. Especially at such moment when you do not know whether you will be living in a minute or to roll right there, but already cold corpse. We will not remain here. I will come back home! At last there came morning … The first rays of the sun touched my face, now felt this divine heat. Clear weather! At sunlight the picture did not become better, on the contrary, turned into more awful. Looked back, a huge number of the dead around. There are their tens. On some faces it was possible to see agonal sufferings, a nightmare. Bodies are bent, already old blood ate to the earth, it everywhere. There were even women, can them even more. To me from all what was seen it became bad. Victor tried not to look at all this, he tried to climb on walls. - Victor, so in vain you will lose forces., It is unreal. It is necessary to try other options. In additives to everything having very felt thirsty and is. And there was no force left now at all. Then we began to try other option. As on weight I was less Victor, got up to it on shoulders. It slowly lifted me on a wall up, but all the same could not reach edge. Remained very little, several centimeters, but even to grasp there is nothing. With the last bit of strength, Victor began to throw up a little me above. Through pain I managed to grab some bush which grew on the edge. Right there I nearly slid off down, kept. From below Vitek continued to lift me, at last, I got out from there. Thank God! It was necessary to help it. - I will find now something that will help. Only wait a little. - Give, only quicker!, It is necessary to try a long branch, will get fall on it. It was necessary to try very much to choose the longest and strong branch. - Here, now I will lower it to you, catch and try to be brought up you very much! - Understood, give! Carefully lowered this branch as it is possible further. Strong rested against the earth and gave the command by the beginning. Vitek began to try to clamber, with shout, continued, but failure comprehended it at once. It could not grasp strong with the right hand as it, most likely, is dislocated. Some more unsuccessful attempts then Victor fell. - I cannot. Leave. Follow the help. - No, Victor, you will be able! Let's try still! We will be able! - I speak, leave! – he already began to shout – You have to go, while the getting is good. And I will be found, do not worry! Run! Frankly speaking, did not understand how to arrive. I did not want to leave it here. He is the same person, as well as I. Too wants to live! I cannot act this way! In bushes something began to move. Can people? Began to peer attentively. Carefully I approach closer. Unexpectedly the man, by sight 45 left it years. Really we are saved?! - Hello! Help us, please!, We got lost, we do not know the road! After these words the little man looked directly to me in eyes, in them something nasty was reflected, cunning. - Hm, your friend got into this pole! Unexpectedly, long ago was not …After that he removed a gun from a shoulder and directed to me. - Do you, want to live? - Postoyte, what are you doing? – as if not by the voice I speak to it – really you will not help?This disgusting approached even closer me and again started talking. - Either you, or he? The choice for you. Give, choose rather, I do not like to wait!I so wanted to cut something to it now directly in a face, but near at hand nothing was. Moreover a gun aims directly in me, horribly. Now the gun was directed on Vitka who groaned from pain and begged about life. Right there the deafening roar followed … The head of the person with whom I tried to get out turned into the split watermelon now. Splashes of blood scattered extensively. I was captured by wild, horror. Saw it only at cinema, and now everything occurred here! I waited for the following shot which will be in me now. Closed eyes, strained and I wait. Instead behind blow to the head and darkness. Chapter 9 Felt how my body was dragged on the ground. Them was most likely two. Sometimes it was succeeded to slightly open eyes, only for seconds. There were no forces, the tearing apart pain in a nape. Sticky blood exuded with a thin stream on a forehead, there was no wish for anything. Better let without torture will kill, directly here. I regained consciousness. Smelled of dampness, a mold. Cold and darkly. Only aside on small stools the candle burned. Its flame waved, appear, just about will go out, will become absolutely dark. I try to rise, I cannot. The body is attached. Even it is not possible to move hands. Could consider nothing any more. It is not visible … Sound of opening of the lock. Apparently, the metal door began to open., At once light from a lamp got into this room. Then click, now lamps were lit everywhere, became light. Now could consider everything better. This room not really big. Walls are upholstered with some silvery paper. On a ceiling along a wall there were some wires. The high cases which are pasted over with a dark tape therefore to consider what was in them stood nearby, it was not possible. To the right of me there was a small table. On it various tools reminding surgical one after another lay. Also there were flasks filled with various contents. All this reminded me a morgue. Thoughts only that now with me will make various experiments or something like that. It is difficult to believe, but I was faced by that man whom I saw in that abandoned house. All these dead eyes, clumsy gestures. From it the disgusting fuse proceeded, and blew as cold., - And you remember, hit me with the axe? It was very unpleasant to me. Do you think if the dead, so I do not feel pain? - What it is necessary for you from me? - Be silent! Do you want to survive and come back home? If yes, that you have to die to survive!I nodded and expected some actions from its party. - You have a difficult task, the road! You will come back home under one condition … If you are able to experience 4 death! - What for nonsense do you bear, the freak?! Release me!! - Let's begin! Remember – you will experience 4 death, you will come back home. Happy travel! After these words this mertvyak the ice hand closed to me eyes. At first weakness on all body. I was not even thirsty, is, absolutely any requirements. A bit later a body as if poured lead, it became heavier and heavier. Several seconds later could not even make a breath. Small shiver and silence. I stood at a foot of the huge mountain. At its top snow sparkled, below small streamlets were going to the storming river which swept away everything on the way. It was not deep, through is crystal transparent water it was possible to see each stone at the bottom., Here it was cold … The wind burning a face, ruthlessly frayed hair, blew in a back. On me there were not warm clothes therefore it was very heavy to cope with cold. Around emptiness. Stone desert, uniform tree or living being. To this stony earth there was neither end, nor edge. It seemed, the sky is absolutely low, and the floating clouds can be touched with a hand. I managed to remember the last phrase of this mertvyak – to die that to survive. But why I am fated to die? All these thoughts did not go in. It was necessary to get rid of them. To think of rescue, here of what. And, he spoke, to experience four death … and this freak just can raved? Then where I now and how it could appear here?, Suddenly wind amplified. Snow went. The real blizzard began. All this is similar to a January blizzard. It became more dark. Huge clouds closed the sun, to inhale was almost not real. Eyes watered, the body of a leg and a hand onemevat from wild cold. Having looked back on the parties, noticed a huge stone, can behind it it will be possible to disappear from this hurricane? Hardly, but crawled to it. Having leaned against this cold block it became easier. Though it was possible to breathe normally. Snow and wind blew over by me. Only cold continued to freeze, now as if captured everything inside … Having leaned is even lower to the ice earth, found the sticking-out piece of paper from under a stone. Accurately, not to damage this leaf, took it in hand. On it there is an inscription – "Death now – water". It turns out, I am fated to die from water this time. Yes it is some game! It is very interesting to someone to manipulate me. Having crumpled paper, threw it aside then the wind gust picked up it and directed afar. The storm began to abate. Having risen, looked round and ran just forward. So it was possible to be warmed a little. Knew a lot of things about freezing of people, so now it is necessary to move as much as possible., Became and the truth is warmer, at the same time accruing appeared fatigue. It is necessary not to be given, it is sure, ahead there will be a rescue. And I was right. Before me there were small doors now. They were open. From there blew as heat and the food smell exuded. Without having thought of anything, just stepped for gate and in too moment departed down. Then blow. I am whole, the head ached a bit only a little. Apparently, landed on something soft. It was dark, it was necessary to trust only touches. As soon as it was succeeded to rise, right there rats began to squeak around. On my legs these rodents in different directions ran. It was the most opposite feeling which I had to feel. When eyes after bright light got used to darkness, could look round. These fat rats were everywhere. From where them there is so much? Going forward,, stepped directly on them, the opposite peep, a crunch of the breaking stones sounded. After each following step covered a shiver again and again. Now on the right I hear how water murmurs. This sound becomes louder. These creatures continue the flight further and further. And rats feel when to them the end. Several seconds and legs brought me to the same party where these nasty rats hurried. Can they, and know where there is an exit? Deafening cotton and huge wave of ice water rushed in my party. It was senseless to run further. Blow as if about a concrete wall, and my body together with group of rodents bore forward. At first, as if boiled water, only later felt seconds awful pain in all organism. The body did not even obey, heart as if stood. Only from the third time I managed to let in air lungs. Beat me to some wall, and water promptly filled all space. Trying to move with hands and legs, already-headed fought about something firm. An exit was not. In panic waved very much extremities as soon as possible. And here water already at the level of a chin, higher and higher. I fight a hand up, I understand that over me ice tens centimeters thick., Through it the sun and the sky was seen, only everything is indistinct. And here water level reaches a nose, rises above and already filled completely the head. That's all. Death from water. By then the body did not obey any more. Stooped down on a bottom. Oxygen comes to an end and to me it is awfully terrible. I feel even in the head the fading pulse, it is the end. I cannot suffer any more and I open a mouth to inhale. Right there water promptly joined me, filled lungs … Some more sekundochek and again darkness … Now I regained consciousness in some small village. Around people went, children right there ran. Really now I will come back home?, Chapter 10 Houses already were old. At some roofs already absolutely drooped, around wooden houses. Even the church costs! And well here so! After that emptiness which surrounded me earlier it was the best. Right there ran up to the woman, by sight years of forty and began to ask what the village is and where in general I am. Only she as if did not notice me, and did not hear. Passed through me … Later already knew, nobody sees me and hears. Tried in the different ways to declare oneself, so far unsuccessfully. Here it is just interesting, touching any plant, felt it, it even reacted to my touches. I did not manage even to feel all the rest., I quietly passed through walls, looked to each house. All as in the usual village, anything strange. It is a pity that nobody sees me … - But I see you! Having turned on a familiar voice, shuddered. I was faced by Victor, whole and safe! What my surprise was! Still did not trust. - Victor, I do not understand how it? - Calm down. You were lucky, you live, and here I am not present any more. You are still given chance of return, protect it and do not give up!!! - And how you, Victor? - Do not think of it now. You need to experience three more death! Only be not afraid, everything will be good. And the most important, do not give in to fear, otherwise you will be killed really. Remember my words. Ahead you have fire. After these words disappeared as if it here also was not. I could not understand all this in any way. Why it here, I? All this remains a great riddle for me so far. And who knows whether he will be able sometime to solve it? Fire … Means to me it is necessary to burn down. My God, I do not want to trust in all this nonsense! I just want to return back. After all incident I will appreciate every second the life. Unexpectedly for all the thunderstorm began. Strong gusty wind ruthlessly broke branches on trees, scattered on the ground. Black clouds promptly approached the village. It became more dark. Right there the bright flash which lit up the sky, afterwards deafening peals of a thunder., People in panic ran to the houses, closed windows, curtains. Apparently, they very much were afraid of this natural phenomenon. Perhaps were frightened of something similar earlier? Peals of a thunder became stronger, bright flashes are brighter and brighter. Wind will not calm down in any way, only accelerates the course. Here so the nature has an effect. I always wanted to see a thunderstorm so close, only now I understand how it is terrible. Especially being on open space. Near church there is a low lodge. From all it was the smallest. Around it an accurate small fence, in the front garden it is full of different flowers. Nearby children's dolls, machines lay. Probably, in this family there are a lot of children, the house only is small. In one second the dazzling lightning in the form of a zigzag sparkled and pierced the black sky. Its edge struck a roof of that house. At first there was an easy smoke then the roof flashed as if a match. Fire promptly amplified and already came on dry logs., Now from there children, mother and the father ran out. In time! In a doorway the burning boards collapsed, the roof right there collapsed as a house of cards. Now tongues of flame escaped from windows above and above. All nothing, but in the house there was a little girl. Really they forgot about it? My God, why I know about it? Yes, I ran up to the house and passed through a wall. Now I felt pain which to me was caused by fire. Burning sparks and caustic smoke discomposed me. Before my eyes the little girl, by sight lay years of six near a table. She was alive, quietly cried and covered the face with the tiny handles. Now everything was not so. I managed to take it on hands and to approach an open window. On the street there was already a crowd of gapers, everyone something shouted, pointed to other houses. I managed to lower the girl on the earth where right there she was picked up by the father and began to press to itself, running away is farther from fire. I needed to get out of this terrible scorching heat too., Trying to get out in a window, nothing was impossible. As if the bag with huge very heavy freight is attached to me. Then it became clear to me that this fire will destroy me and it is the second death which needs to be experienced. Having remembered Victor's words, began to drive away from itself all fears, trying to inspire in itself other thoughts. Actually it was terrible, and not that it is necessary to die, and because as it is necessary to suffer. Now my body lay in a corner. I could not move hands and legs. I needed only to wait for the end … Trying to inhale still the remains of clean air, covered a nose and a mouth with a sleeve. Narrowed eyes and began to shout. Now these tongues of flame "licked" to me legs, rising above and above. This excruciating pain forced me to shout even stronger. I coiled as a snake, trying to crawl away further. It is sure that people do not hear me at all and do not even suspect my presence. And girl? For certain, it seemed to all that she jumped out in a window. There was one consolation, I managed to save it! Now fire danced on my back … From pain I could not shout any more, and just groaned … Tears were shed from eyes, teeth gnashed, bit lips in blood. Time went slowly, I wanted to die somewhat quicker not to suffer. At last, the moment came. Heart did not sustain this painful shock and slowly, having taped couple more of blows, stood. Now pain disappeared., And again there came the silence, darkness … Having regained consciousness for the third time, I already knew that I should experience two more death. After that, I will come back home. Only still poorly I trust in it. And it is the is best of all if all this there was a dreadful dream which will be dissolved as night. Having closed eyes, I represent how I wake up at home. As warm rays of the summer sun concern mine a body. Still there is time to luxuriate in a bed. Then I get up, I look in a window, and just any more never I banish a bad dream I remember it., Chapter 11 Annoying, but it is not a dream again. Everything occurs here and now. One is very curious where now my real body. And can above it there is this ugly mertvyak, some experience trying to create now? And can in general, my body lies in a coffin and it with greed is devoured by rats? No, I did not even want to think of it now … It is a little more, and then everything will rise on the places. As they say, I will wait for an outcome. This time I appeared at the airport. To me even it became amusing that for such period it could appear in such different places and manage to die two times. To whom tell then, will consider for the madman., Of course, I and most did not manage to believe in all these stories. Apparently, now death waited for me in air. Whom now do I need to save? - The young man, you pass, do not detain turn – with these words the young girl, in a strict suit pointed to me to a corridor. On it there were already some people. I had to go exactly there. I was the last who entered a corridor. Afterwards the door was automatically closed and now distinctly I hear a sound of turbines of the big plane. Now I sat in the plane, directly at the window. Through it the city was seen, but never before it saw. Having examined passengers, it became clear that I am in others country. All of them spoke other language, definitely not English. I therefore from a talk could not translate had not to study other languages. And not, why to me it. When the plane took off into the sky, the thought which now haunted entered my head. I am waited by one more death. Water, fire, and now air means. And really all these people, will die too? Only really. Though, nobody even knows that I it not I. It is difficult to me to explain all this. By the form in me there was nothing of that kind that could draw attention. Below, under a wing of the plane the boundless ocean was spread., Even from such height the end and edge is not visible. What it to feel at such height now and know that your life now in hands pilots. Even to tell more precisely, hundreds of lives. And here now we fly by over the boundless ocean and any minute we can just fail. Once I forgot this thought, sharply inclined the plane at first to the right side, then in left. In salon chaos began. All shouted, fastened belts. The stewardess seemed in pass and said that it will not repeat any more. Right there one more sharp maneuver, only now the plane promptly rushed down, in this dark chasm. Everything occurred so promptly, but in memory forever there were these pictures. I saw several seconds prior to collision about water as young mother tried to put on to the, child a mask which automatically appeared before us. Saw how the stewardess fell in pass and on it the lunch cart overturned. From a huge mug, directly on its lovely face all boiled water poured out. A show not from pleasant. Also remembered the mad speed of our falling. Then stunning blow about water … And as according to the scenario, again silence and darkness … This death was not such and terrible, in comparison with others. Besides, understood that again I will be alive. And all feelings were dulled. No, of course, I feel as the person, but it something else. In me as if there is no vital core, it as if was taken out. That force which constantly pushed in real life does not move me. Perhaps, just now in me there is no soul?., Chapter 12 Now again I appeared absolutely alone. Also you know where? On the seashore. Behind me impassable tropics were stretched. Even clothes on a season. And who so took care of me? Probably, I will manage though a little to relax that with forces to meet the last death. Let she will be fast too not to manage to understand anything. Now I stamped on the seashore. I feel this hot sand as legs, an easy pleasant breeze which gently frayed hair. Here even singing of birds is heard distinctly. And these waves! As tenderly they concern and right there leave to return once again. It was necessary to enjoy though these pleasant minutes. To forget about everything, just to remain alone with itself, of anything not to think at all. I lay on sand and looked into the sky. To me even no alarm was terrible at all. Not important, on what continent I am, concerned nothing at all. Can do everything because I have no soul. This thought even raised a smile on my face. There was a time, but nothing occurred. The sea still tenderly caressed hot sand. There was a thought to pass to the jungle, but there was no wish. Nevertheless, there are a lot of dangers. It is better to meet death in such romantic situation, in French riviera of the warm sea, … When was already tired to be unused, rose and decided to go forward. Lying ashore, could wait for nothing also. Perhaps most it is necessary to find the death? Once you passed several meters, I was surrounded by people. Those whom I watched on TV more than once. Apparently, the wild tribe which was out for my blood. This crowd promptly with unclear exclamations attacked on me. These swine tied to me hands and legs. Now bore deep into the jungle. To me it became terrible again. Remembered Victor's speech, I drive away from myself all these thoughts. Now I already saw even more these naked Indians. On them even no clothes existed., Persons are smeared with blood, in hands unclear sticks, stones. Really, now I will be eaten? As an unnecessary rag, I was thrown on the earth. The silence fell by the jungle. The healthiest of all, the man, approached my body and sat down on hunkers. From it the awful stench proceeded. And there was a wish to tell that though tried to brush teeth in the mornings and to wash more often. From the powerlessness, before these monsters, I become angrier. The most important not to feel fear. There was such desire to spit to this bearded in a face, all the same I have nothing to lose! He presented some sharp object similar to a knife to my neck. Then translated it to my hand. Sharp the movement cut to me area of a bend of a hand and right there blood rushed, dripping on the earth. Instant pain on a hand, inside as if everything burned. Too most this freak made with the second hand. I began to shout! Not from pain even, and from the powerlessness. There was still a silence, all waited for something. Now slowly blood left my body. The head began to be turned, all from blood loss. In eyes black front sights already flashed, in ears there was a ring. And last time I see the bright sun, this blue sky … All landscape was spoiled only by this bearded Indian, it continued to stand near me, fixedly smotrev in eyes. After a while in eyes already everything merged., This ugly ugly face before me turned just into the greased picture. Somewhat quicker already. The body grew dumb. It was difficult for me, but it was possible to breathe, only did not gasp. Such feeling as if visited the washing machine. Everything floated, so slowly before eyes … There is a wish to sleep … I close eyes, I take a short breath, now exhaled. Sil on one more drink does not gasp any more. Heart fades. Chapter 13 - I also did not think that you will be able? Like toshchenkiya, and spirit it was not weak! Well done! – pronounced these words mertvyak which dragged me in the, apparently, laboratory. - Hey, you! Release me! I managed to experience these devilish death! Release immediately! - Of course, by all means I will make it. Only a question whether you will be able to reach back now?, Just now saw that it was untied. Without expecting the following his words came off this table and started running to an exit. Behind himself only managed to hear – "yes, take your time you so" … At last this my body which I feel! Now in me there is soul, she owns me, fills me. Now I breathed the fresh air filled with a needles smell. Here it was warm, it became easier for me. Where to go, now did not know. Having turned back, saw only the dense wood and any signs about that ominous place. It was necessary to be chosen at any cost from here, to get home. And what to tell me when I return? And how Victor? Nobody ever will believe me if he tells them all truth. Though it is possible to try to bring group of people here to prove. I do not know, as to think. About it later, now it is necessary to run, be in time to a decline. Still to me not to sustain new awful adventures any more. No familiar places on the way met … I even climbed on a tree, looked around, but except magnificent trees did not see anything else. Only absolutely the smoke in the distance floated. Then thought that it is necessary for me in that party. If there is a smoke, means there is a settlement where I will be able to contact the. All the same it seemed, suddenly now it is not reality too. You never know what occurs now. And, if it at all not I? It was necessary even to strike several blows to an old birch to make sure of reality of this world. Through trees I could not go, I feel pain, I breathe a full breast, so is alive. Only one haunted me – I was full, and having not felt thirsty. Though, this mertvyak could create something, maybe, therefore now I have such state. Now with itself there is neither phone, nor other things, it is good that the clothes remained. Perhaps, exactly there is a communication, it would be possible to phone. Unexpectedly before me there was that house into which together with Victor we came in the first night. At once ran off far away, but seconds later, began to deliberate. No, I needed to return to this log hut. Exactly there was my phone. I remember how before escape, it dropped out at me of a pocket, so lies there. I had no other exit. Having taken breath, from the earth picked up a big thick branch. It is similar to a bludgeon, it is just useful just in case., Though now and day, will not prevent to make secure. And to one to go again, there was no wish at all. Before me that door, is open. Most likely after us here nobody appeared. Again the same smell struck in a nose, I take a step for a threshold. Everything is scattered on the parties, at a case even the door rolled in other party. The mirror was smashed, small pieces are scattered on all room. Chairs are turned, the table is shifted to the middle. I don't even know what here occurred. Did not see the phone. Searched all house, nothing. For whom was it necessary? And suddenly we are already looked for? Everything can be, only why then overturn everything upside down? New thought – suddenly they were noticed too by these mertvyak and … The head went around from all riddles. Means, it is necessary to go nevertheless without, communication. At a stream drank a little water, on taste, fine. Got on the high birch standing nearby, tried to make out the area. In that party the black smoke also continues to float. To me there. Having a little more sat at a stream, gained strength and now at full speed ran forward. It was necessary to be in time to a decline. I will be in time to this route, and there already easier. A huge steam of cars, I will stop, I will arrive home., Chapter 14 Familiar places. Together with Victor passed here. Precisely, the same birch in the form of the decrepit old woman. Somewhere it is already close, I feel it. I anticipate as very soon I will hear a rumble of cars, I will arrive home and I will tell about everything. Then it is necessary to collect group and to comb all wood, to find this hut and a hole into which got. And let then deal with all this history. Time inevitably flew. The sky became lilac, the sun was rolled for the horizon. The cool fell by the earth. As bulbs, in the sky flashed stars. On the ground dense fog was spread, approaching directly me. There was a wish to sob and shout, all this will force me to spend one more night in this damned wood. If to go in fog, then at all I will lose a reference point and I will only aggravate the situation. On the other hand, to remain on the place, too it is very dangerous. Yes I will be gobbled up here and bones will not be left. And as it is a pity that worried so much, and I will die of some toothy animal. My God, for what all this?. In reply silence … Having long stayed on the place, decided to remain. It is necessary to make so that it, became warmer. Anything else from clothes with itself was not, only summer. I found the place which seemed to the safest. At a row close three birches from each other grew. Quickly broke branches, put them slightly above the earth between birches. The small stove bench on which it is possible to expect dawn turned out.Having wrapped up with a sweater, shrank and began to listen attentively to each rustle.There would be matches, it is possible to kindle also a fire, but nothing is absolute is not present. It is a pity.Now it is necessary here so and to wait for dawn, being shaken from each sound, expecting horror.At first everything went well. To me even it became warmer. I specially breathed under a jacket that though a little to be warmed, helped. For several minutes even managed to take a nap, but jumped after heard howl packs of wolves. Now the horror shrouded from legs to the head. The main thing that did not go to my party, let wander by. There are enough their wons, and the food, hares and so on. Only not to me, I do not want to die of a wolf mouth here and so.I shivered whether with cold, whether for fear. Tooth on tooth did not get.Most likely, cold is mixed here, it is twisted fear. It was necessary to suffer, not to be given, for the sake of himself and close people.Having leaned against an uneven trunk of a birch, began to peer through fog on the parties. Sometimes, even these mouths in which shone sharp as if daggers, canines seemed., Now howl became absolutely close. And here from fog the furious animal seemed. Now, so close, we look at each other, and time stopped. Heart without restraint knocked. So close I see the first time this predator. Already mentally prepared for a fight. Now I was surrounded by the whole pack of wolves. They furiously growled as if they expected some signal. Perhaps, after all will leave? And here all these predators snatched directly on me. One of them at once seized to me a neck, with evil growl with a force tore off an Adam's apple then blood scattered the fountain up, filling in a face. Others seized a hand and legs. I was broken off on a piece. I did not even try to resist, waited for the end … There came morning … As it is good that all this a dream. It is necessary, I overslept all the time!, I was lucky. And now, without losing minutes, it is necessary to run. If only though to enjoy a draft of water. Chapter 15 Not habitually, but I had to pinch language fresh dew from leaves, other exit was not observed. Now though it is a little, but it became easier. If I have to live even days here, then any more I will not survive. In it it is confident, for hundred percent. Now I kneelt, directly on the wet earth and began to pray. Asked the Lord, to help me to come back home. Never so sincerely could release from prayer lips as now. The words of a prayer as if left without my permission. When finished, turned aside from where there was a smoke, and without looking back rushed forward. It was heavy. Legs did not obey. All body hurt, pulled. Flickered before eyes, everything merged. Sweat flew as if from a bucket., All this reminded a hot bath. In the head felt own pulse which was not uniform, and all the time got off. It seemed, still I will slightly and just fall unconscious. Nevertheless believed that now before me to be spread the familiar road, it is a lot of cars, and in an hour another I will be already at home. Sunshine passed through dense crowns, falling by a wet grass why steam similar to an easy smoke rose. Birds chirped, muster of grasshoppers was heard. Yes, I hear a rumble of cars! Somewhere it is absolutely close! Staring in disbelief, before me that road conducting to the city opened. You what was my joy would know. Having reached the roadside, I fell and began to laugh, riding on the ground. At first, thought that went crazy. After that began to cry as if the small child. Really everything ended!!! Right there near me, skrepya brakes, the car stopped. It was already difficult to me to make out who exactly immersed me in the car. Only heard that carried to hospital, to the native …, Chapter 16 - Wake up, pretty. Give, open eyes. Painfully familiar voice. Mother! It strongly changed as if for these days grew old for a decade. She stroked me on the head and from her eyes tears slowly flowed, falling on a snow- white blanket. Having seen me with open eyes, she began to kiss me, to embrace. That, the spent time in the wood, seemed continuous hell now, then time went so slowly … I was so glad to see these native faces surrounding me from all directions. Then the doctor came and expelled a half of guests from chamber. It was even amusing to see it., I something was told, but everything went by ears. To me it was so good! In a week I was safely discharged from hospital. I had to respond to a huge number of questions, to tell all truth. And I was believed, and can so it seemed. And even began to gather a team which will go to examine this wood later, want to find adventures. Only it seems to me that already you should not repeat mistakes. It is not necessary to go there again and to disturb rest. If I was brought in, then by the place, so and was necessary. I found a lot more useful information. The bus by which then I went continues to perform flights regularly now. That morning, news about incident was carried on all area. The woman who pleased under wheels died on the same day, in hospital. Doctors spoke, she was traumatized, not compatible to life. Also learned that nobody ever saw this woman. The grave still costs as the unknown. Still told that when lowered a coffin in a grave, the lightning sharply flashed, and the deafening thunder was distributed. In that the moment from surprise, ropes were released, because the coffin just failed, and on a cover the crack was formed. Then hurried to dig rather it and to leave the cemetery. The old woman still say that she a sorcerer was and very bad omen in the form of a crack was., Perhaps, just it also was her hands business. By the way, the bus driver was found then. Now it is in lunatic asylum, most likely, this accident shook his sincere health. I did not begin to penetrate into details, I just did not want. Victor was not found. It is very a pity for the little man, the good person. If not that hole … It had family. The wife still hopes that the beloved will return. She does not believe in what happened to us. And my life abruptly changed. Now I appreciate everyone one moment lived here. From that awful day there passed more than three years, but everything was remembered thoroughly. Especially these four death which had to be experienced to survive …, Once, the strange dream dreamed me. To me the letter from the unknown comes. I reveal him and I begin to read: "I am not found. Do not worry, now I am not lonely. To me it is joyful that you then could return. Do not torment yourself with experiences into the account me, you are not guilty of anything. Here it is not terrible at all as it seemed then. You represent, found the phone. By the way, there will be time, will surely call. Your acquaintance, Victor". Woke up from a mobile phone call. Yet not oklemavshis from a dream, I take the call - Hallo! Speak! - Hi. Spoke, I will call, this is Victor! I hope, received the letter, – then monotonous beeps sounded. As hit me with current. With surprise I open the list of calls - "The LIST of the ENTERING CALLS is EMPTY".]

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INTEL SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT (Alpha, Beta, Prototype Site License) IMPORTANT - READ BEFORE COPYING, INSTALLING OR USING. Do not use or load software from this site or any associated materials (collectively, the "Software") until you have carefully read the following terms and conditions. By load
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