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Lead-in 1 Discuss. r Whatc any ous eei n thep hotos? z Whicho f thep tacews ouldy oum ostl iket o exptoreW? hy? 2 Listena nda nswerth eseq uest ions. r Whatg avet hes peaketrh ei deat o travel? z Whyd ids heg ot o Spa in? 3 Howd ids hef eelw hens hef i rstg ott o GuatemalaW?h v? 4 Howd ids hef eell ater? s+ Listena gaina ndc ompletteh ee xpressions. r I beganto have feeta ndw antedto leavew ork. z I wasa bit worrieda boutg oing into uncharted 3 | wento sa n_ traveller, on mv own. Y -,.",.-. 4 | spenta month aroundt he town. 5 | wasb ittenb y the travel andw antedt o exotorelo tso f otherp lace...
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1 Discuss. r Whatc any ous eei n thep hotos? z Whicho f thep tacews ouldy oum ostl iket o exptoreW? hy? 2 Listena nda nswerth eseq uest ions. r Whatg avet hes peaketrh ei deat o travel? z Whyd ids heg ot o Spa in? 3 Howd ids hef eelw hens hef i rstg ott o GuatemalaW?h v? 4 Howd ids hef eell ater? s+ Listena gaina ndc ompletteh ee xpressions. r I beganto have feeta ndw antedto leavew ork. z I wasa bit worrieda boutg oing into uncharted 3 | wento sa n_ traveller, on mv own. Y -,.",.-. 4 | spenta month aroundt he town. 5 | wasb ittenb y the travel andw antedt o exotorelo tso f otherp laces. 6 Thef irstt wo monthsw ered ifficulta ndI experiencerde al shock. fu Checkth em eaningosf thee xpressionus inga dict ionary. D iscuss . r Whyd o yout hinkp eoplea rebittenb yt het ravebt ug? z Hasi t everh appenetdo you? 3 Doy oue verh aveit chyf eet? : t . ' ,7, PresenPt erfecSt implea ndC ontinuous writea ni nformael mail h' the s*ten i Sandft iess, weabt eese, ightg-metrheig nt rees. ..H etfto r mosto f us,u es,b ut altinadag3w orkf or chartottueh tenbroeSk.h em oves ase tegantttgh roughth e loungeo f Londons,sa vogH oteat ss heo oes throughth eA mazojnu ngleB. utw hites het ovesth ea dventures.h e isa tsog radt o be backi n'civit isatioant" t eastf or them oment. She'sju st finishedfi tminga TVs eriesc attedJ ungte- a gruetting nineteen-weejokb that invotvedh er exptoringth e denseju ngteso f the congqt he Amazona ndB orneos.h es aust hat it wasf ascinating, but dauntinga sw etts. ow hatw as 'Definitetg herm ostc hattenginegx perience?ctimbinga n eightg-metrhei ght ree in Borneow, hen[ m petrifiedo f heightsIl hadt o xeepg oingu p andu p,w hena voice Insrdme ew ass aging',D ownD! own!I- k eptt hinkingth e ropesw ere goingt o breaka nds endm ep tummetindgo wnb etow., And' downb etoww, asw heret heb ugsw ere_ ct ingings,t inging, suckingb eastsA. partf romt heu suamt osquitoeins t,h eA m;zon rainforesst,h ew asp taguedb g sandf tgb ites,.t ,veh ads ome horribleb itesb ut theser eattua ret hei tchiesbt i test ,vee verh ad. At ones tageI, c ounteds eventbgi teso n onea rm,'shesa gsl.u st asa nnoginwge ret he sweabt eesi n thec ongoT. heutr u to drinK the sweaot nu ourf acea nde vent het earsf romg oure uesT. he mostd isgustintgh ing,t houghw, asr ging to puttt hes t imgte ecnes off uours kin.T hem oreI puttedt,h em oret hegs tretcheadn dt ne tightert heirj awsc tungto mgt eg.I kepts houtinq",G et hemo ff!" andt hef i tmc rewk epts aUing.t,u sta minute.. .t hism akesa reattU goods hot!" ' chartottej'os urnegin tot heh earto f thew ortd,ms osts ignif icant rainforeswtsa sa n inspir inegx perienc,eT.h er ainforesiet atfgis t ikea citg.E achtr eeistikea nu rbant owerb tockw ithh undredosf residentstf. u ouk nockit oowng, ouc auseju sta sm uchd isruption andd amagea si f thoser esidentws ereh umanT. hej ungteis extraordinarbge causaet thougiht Reading ontgc oversa bouts ixp ercent0f thew ortdi,t containosv erfiftgp ercenot f attk nowna nimaat nd ptant 1 CharlottUeh lenbroeskp ent speciesp,t ust otsm oret hata reu nknownto, o., overf ourm onthsin the Backin Londonw,h ath ass heb een 'civit isation'? enjoging't 've si nceh err eturnt o jungleB. eforey our ead beenh avingt0 ts ' ln of nicet,o ngs howerss,,h es ags.abouth er,d iscustsh ese theC 0ng0| w asa twauws orrieda houtu singu p atto urw ater questions. supptiesA.n dI f indt hatw henl ,veb eeni n hot,u ncomfortabte r Whichth ingds oy out hink condit ionfsorawhitet,h et hingsI tookf orwardto moret han youw ouldfi ndd ifficutitn anuthinegt sea reb eingw ithm gf amitga nde njoginmg gf avourite : thej ungle? mea[. ' z Whichth ingsd oy out hink i . youw ouldm ostli ket o dow heny our eturnetdo 'civilisation'? 2 Readth et exta nda nswetrh eq uestionisn Ex.r aboutC harlotte., A Readt he text againa nd decidei f the statementsa ret rue (T),f alse 6 Correct he mistakei n each (F)o r we don't know (DK). sentence. r Charlottelo oksa ndf eels' outo f placei'n the SavoyH otel. r I'veb eent o the Brazilian z Sheh adt o ctimbt altt reesw ithoutt he useo f ropes. rainforesitn zoo3. I Them osquitob itess heh adw eret he worstb itess he'se verh ad. z She'sb oughta lreadyh er + Shec riedb ecauses hec ouldn'st tandt he sweatb eeso n herf ace. planet ickets. s Thef ilmc rewh elpedh ert o gett he leecheso ff herl eg. I'veb eenv isitingf tiendsin6Shec ompareds treew ith a towerb lockb ecauseth erea res o many Italyt hreet imest his year- livingt hingsi n eacht ree. Whaty oub eend oings ince z Thew aters heu sedi n the Congow asu suallyd irty. | lasts poket o you? 8 Whens heg etsh ome,s hel ovesd oingt he cookingfo r herf amily. Havey ouy et seent hatf ilm, Sahara? 4 DiscussW. ouldy ou tiket o go on a junglee xpedition?W hy/Whyn ot? 6 Hej ust hass pokento the tourg uidea bouti t . I 'veb eenl earninSg panish

Gfa &f I PresenPte rfecSti mplea ndC ontinuous sincet wo months.

5 Matchth ee xampler-s4 witht hec orrecrtu lesA -Di nt heA ctive Havey ou beenk nowing grammabro x. eacho therl ong? 7 Completteh es entences

Active grarnmar by usingt he promptsin

a TVs eriesc alled 'lungle' bracketsU. set he Present f (ond is glad to be back in 'c iilvmiliinsga tion'). PerfecSt impleP, resent PerfecCt ontinuouosr Past l've had someh orribleb itesb ut thesea re the itchiestb ites Simple. l've everh od. (you/go/evert)o a in junglesf or a total of nineteenw eeksa nd l'm jungte? going homet o (you/decide) ' wheret o go for yourn extlots of nice, Iong showers'. hotiday? Uset he PresenPt erfecSt impteto talk abouta n actiono r Howl ong_ (you/ experiencien the pastw hent he timei s not importanot r not study)E nglish? known. Whatd o youw antt o do Uset he PresenPt erfecSt implet o describea n actiont hat todayt hat_ (you/ startedi n the pasta ndc ontinuesin the presentw, heny ou're notd o/yet)? focussingo n the finisheda ction( oro n the numbero f times Where (you/go) the actionh asb eenc omptetedu p to the timeo f speaking). _ for yourl asth otiday? Uset he PresenPt erfecCt ontinuoutso describea n action thats tartedi n the pasta ndc ontinuesin the present, Howm uchc offee when you'ref ocussing (you/have/already) on the activityi tself.W eo ften use today?for (lengtho f time)/since(s tartingp oint)t o talk aboutt he (you/have/evear) durationo f the activity. badi nsectb ite? Uset he PresenPt erfecSt implet o describea n actiont hat Where _ (you/tive) happenedin the pastb ut hast he resulti n the presentW. e for the lasty ear? oftenu sej ust, yet or alreadyi n this case. /usf meansa shortt imea go.l t usuallyc omesb etweenh as/ Person to person hovea ndt he pastp articiple. Alreadys howst hats omethingh appenedso onert han A a, In pairsa, ska nda nswer expectedl.t usuallyc omesb etweenh aslhovea ndt he past theq uestionisn Ex.7 . participleo r at the endo fthe sentence. b Choosoen eo fthe Yefs howst hatt he speakeer xpecteds omethingto happen questionyso ua skeda nda sk beforen ow.l t is useda t the endo f negativeasn dq uestions. yourp artnemr ored etails abouti t. see Referencep oge 87, A: Howd o youf eela boute atingf oody ou'ven ever triedb efore? I a Findt hesea djectivesin the text on page7 5. B: I don' tu sual lym indn ewv egetableasn dt hings In pairs,d iscussw haty out hinkt heym ean.U se but I'mn otv eryk eeno n eatingm eatI 'ven ever the sentencesa roundt he word to helpy ou. triedb eforeA. ctuallyt,h e otherd ay,a friendofrfascinatin(gp araz. ) minep ersuademd et o trys nai lsI. w as z daunting( paraz. ) G) _ withh imb ecaushee d idn' t el [me3challengin(gp araz. ) whatt heyw ere.H ep retendedth eyw ereb its 4 petrified( para.z ) of chickenW. el l ,w henI foundo ut,l was nearly 5 annoying(p aral.) sick!T heyw erer eally( 6)_ ! 6 disgusting(p arat.) Howw ouldy ouf ee[a bouta iob that involved inspiring(p ara. workingw i tha nimals?7 4) I worried( para. B: I 'vei usts pentt he summerh olidaysw orkinga tS) a monkeys anctuarayn dI lovedi t. Youm ight b Looka t the wordsa nd their contexti n the nott hinkm onkeysa rev eryi nterestinbgu t text againa nd chooset he correcta lternatives they're( ) _when youg ett o knowt hem. for theser ules. Somet hingsw ered ifficul-t l ikec atchingth em r Usea djectiveesn dingi n -ed/-ingto describe to givet hemm edicinew asp retty( 8)_ , someone'fse elings. buti t wasa l lveryr ewarding. z Usea djectiveesn dingi n -ed/-ingto describea si tuat ion. e Writes entencesw ith adjectivesfr om Ex.9 a.


10 Listena nd markt he mains tressf or each adjective. r fascinatedfa, scinating z dauntedd, aunt ing 3 chal lenged,chal lenging 4 petrifiedp, etrifiTing 5 annoyeda,n noying 6 disgusted,disgust ing b Listena ndc hecky oura nswers. 7 inspiredin, spir ing 8 worriedw, orrying t2 a Aska nda nswetrh eq uestionisn Ex.n a with others tudentsU. set hea djectiveisn Ex.r o. 11 a Completeth e dialoguesw i tht he most b Whoh ast hem osts imilafre el ingtso you? appropriatea djectivefr om Ex.r o. A: Doy oul ikec amping? B: I canh onestlys ayI hatei t! | spenta week iting campingo ncea nde veryn ightI was 13 Readth ee maiiln t heW rit ingb anko n page1 6z O - becauseit wass o darka ndI kept andd ot hee xercises. hearinga nimalsI. e venf oundp utt ingu p my tentq ui te( z)_ . l t 'sq ui teo lda ndo ne 14 Choosoen eo ft hes ituationisn Ex.r ra and or two of the bitsw erem issing. writea ne mailtoa fr iendtetlingh im/hear bout A: Arey ous caredo f heights? youre xperiencUes. eM aisie'esm aial ndt he B: Wel[,n o actuallyI. t ikeb eingh ighu p. I went paragrapphla nb elowto helpy ou. up in a smalla eroplanae fewy earsa go.I was (f) Paragrapr:h e xplaiwn herey oua rea ndw hya, nda littte _ at firstb ecauseit wasa howy ouf eel bit bumpyB. uti n thee ndI foundt hew hote experiencree atty( +) . lt madem e Paragrapzh: d escribweh aty ou'veb eend oing wantt o do othert hings- perhapes veng o Paragrap3h: s ayh owy ouf eela boufti nishing parachutinogn ed ay., quest ions aska nda nsweqru est ionasb ouut nusuapll aces


L :s LoolNil t-l I'Al\[ isa country of about 750,000p eoplei n the easternH imalayasV. isitors mayb e surprisedh ow much culture.t raditiona nd nature area ll flourishinign Lhisv ery privatec ountry.T he Bhutanese peopleb elievet hat all forms of life,h umana nd non-humana, re preciousa nd sacred.B ecause of thisa ttitudet,h eyl ivei n harmonyw ith naturea nd their n Readth e texta gainT. hen,w i th a partners, ummaristeh e text 's environmenrte mainsp ristine, mainp ointsa bouta ) importanbt el iefso f Bhutanespee ople,b ) with an astonishingv arietyo f na turein Bhutana ndc ) t our ismin Bhutan . animalsb, irdsa ndp lantsT. he 3 DiscussW. ouldy ou l iket o vis i tB hutan?W hy/Whyn ot?D oy ou peoplel ivei n harmonyw ith each th inkB hutanespee op lew ou lde xper iencceu t tu res hoc liI,: fipfuga nya' atanna rctl u bwts usortso g owhatt he weathewr ilt be Ivtntetb eunse l ike. ionigo tn A),- t place- oon't-ginosttwtubeuas (ez )- ro lt wasa lovety blue t skiesa ndt he lightw as ACTIVITIES: I(t) t reallyg oodf or taking TrekLhSk fafttastk- anazingvinvasn l'a lot ofd iffetent x photographs. CLOTHES: ii nf foWta h ke:u in gur1 n/'s ud (+) 7 Discuss. Alsofo, rt fu snna: l ut anl'( s) , , (tt's youd escribe atlptwtfud)Howw ould DonTbrit@tg -ot (7)- forfiekkittg thew eatheirn youra rea/ country? nainingwdkn96edk (e) Howw ouldy oul iket he weathewr herey oul ive FESTIVALS: to be different? ik" *io urrouf orf esttuakls f orp eoptbo (e) Howd o yout hinkt his wouldi mprovey ourl ife? nfottluflagsk foryeoPba(t o) Doest he weathera ffect yourm ood?I n whatw aYs? 1O DiscussW. outdy out iket o go ont heo rganisetdre kkingtr ips describeidn the listeningW? hy/Whyn ot?H avey oub eent o any festivatosr celebrationinsy ourc ountryo r abroadw hichy ou particularleyn ioyedG? ived etails., Gra fi,f I questions eaking11Comptetteh eq uestionisn theA ctiveg rammabr ox.T henl,o oka t thet apescripotn paget Ttandc hecky oura nswers. Direcqt uestions Therea ret wom ainty peso f direcqt uestions: A Yes/Nqou estions G) _ to corrya ll oure quipment? (z) _ provideaguide? B Wh-quest ions at octivities( 9 _ ? When( q)_ theb est e to go? Subjecqt uestionsa reu sedw hent he questionw ord( e.g.w ho) refersto the subjecto f the sentenceW. hena wh- wordr eplaces the subjectin a questionw e do not uset he auxiliaryv erb. Who( il - with the trekkingg roup? Indirecqt uestions: Usei ndirecqt uestionsw heny ouw antt o be polite( e.g.w hen youd on'tk nows omeone)T.h erea red ifferenwt ayso f starting 18 a Findo uta bouttwo ther indirecqt uestions(e .g.D oy ouk now. ..,C any ou tell me ...). typeso f holidayI.n A /B Uset he wordo rdero f positives tatementsU. sef or whetherf or groupsw riteq uestionuss ing indirectY e/st 'lo qu estions. the notesb elowt o helpy ou. Cany ou tell me what (6) _ ? StudenAt sw riteq uestions CouldI asky ou what () _ likel aboutc ametlr ipsi n Egypt. Do you know (8) _ any interestingf estivalsa t that e? Student l'd like (g) Bsw riteq uestionsto know _ to take an ing special. aboutb irdw atchinign Mexico. see Referencep age 87 Thinka boutc ost,l ocation, whatt hea reai s like, 1gaCorrecth e mistakei n eachq uestion. accommodatifoono,d , Youg o on holiday everyy ear? facilitiesa,c tivities/ Doy oug o on holidaye veryy ear? organisetdo urs. r Wherey oua rel ivinga t the moment? & StudenAt sr eadt he z Heh ase verb eent rekkingb efore? texta boutb irdw atchingin 3 Whod id givey out hosel ovelyf lowers? Mexico n pager 5o.p repare 4 Whatt imey oub e heret omorrow? to answeyr ourp artnert 5 Youh avinga hol idays oon? questions. 6 Whent hisc ompanyw ass tarted? StudenBt sr eadt het ext fu Changeth e questionsa aboutc ameltr ips bovei nto q in Egypt indirect uestions ons tarting with page the wordsg iven. 145.P reparteo answer yourp artner'qsu estions. CanI ask you if you go on holiday everyy eor? r Cany out ell * Work me in A/B pairsT. ake turnst o aska z nd Doy ou answerknow questions. 3 CanI asky ou ? 4 Cany out e [ [mr e 14 DiscusWs. hichh ol iday 5 Doy ouk now wouldy our athegr oo n:b ird 6 I'dlt iket o knoaw watchingin Mexicoc,a mel ridingi n Egypot r trekkingin BhutanW? hy?, vocabulary I verbp hraseasb oumt oving/travetting Reading a DiscussD. o thinkt he Workwi thapar tner .Match theunder l inedverbphrasesr -Swi th4the You statementsa ret rue (T) correctd efinitionsa -h. Usea dictionaryif necessary' foltowing or fatse( F)? r My parentsa reS cottishb ut theye migratetdo Australia' z My brotherh ast iveda broadfo r ten yearssoIdon'ts eeh imm uch' A Overa mit t ionBritishP eoPle emigrate verYY ear- 3 I'vei ust movedh ouse.H ere'sm y newa ddress' dest inat ion Mys isterl efth omew hens hew asr 8 andw entt o universitiyn York' B Spainis a PoPular 4 for BritishP eoPtteo emigrate 5 | spenta loto f hol idayisu str oaminga round th ec ountryside' to. expIoring. C MostP eoPlew hoe migratego6Afterw eekso f planningw, e finatlys eto ff on our round-the-world backh omea ftera Year. tr iP. Wea tlc riedw henw e wentt o seeh ero ff at the airport' b Readt he text quicklYa nd 7 youra nswers. e I'n-offt o the therea nythingy oun eed? check a) to [iveinaforeignc ountry 5 Readt he text againa nd match b) to leavey ourh ousea ndg o to livei n anothero ne eachp aragraPhw ith the most c) to teavey ourc ountrya ndg o to livei n anotherc ountry appropriates ummarY A -G. of the summarys entences d) to walko r travetw, ith no definitep urpose Three e) wheny oua rer eadyt o go or you'reg oingt o go somewhervee rys oon cannotb e used' f) to leavea t the startofaiourney( especiatalyn importante' xcitingorAThea ppeaol f manYP laceiss priceo f better difficutt the ProPertY' iourneY) andt he goodw eather. g) whena youngp ersonle avesh is/herp arentsh' ousea ndg oest o live wages Form ost who emigrate, somewhereel se B PeoPle it'st he bestt hingt heY've ver h) to got o an airportt,r ains tatione, tc't o sayg oodbyeto someone done. whoi s leaving C ManyP eoPtefi ndt hatt he grassis not alwaYsa s greenas2ComptetethequestionswiththecorrectformofaphrasefromEx. r . hadh oPed. r At whata ged oy oungp eoplein yourc ountryty pical t-y? they Thereis a trendi n recentti mes z Doy ou tikep eopteto comea nd- - (you)a t the airport? numberos f Whatt imed idy ou- wheny oul astw ento n hol iday? fori ncreasing 3 Britishp eoPleto emigrate. 4 whichc ountryw ouldy oum ovetoifyoul ived- ? It'sv eryd ifficutto geta work 5 Whatw ouldY oum issi f You- ? permifto rP oPulacro untr ies 6 Howm anyt imesh avey ou in yourt ife? l ikeA ustral ian dS Pain. 7 Where (Yout)o afterc lasst odaY? Somep eopleg o abroadfor8Whenw ast he lastt imey ouw enttoanewp lacea ndi ust aboutt hreeY earsin ordert o withouta nYc leard irection? earnw e[[a nds avem oneYto go backw i th. 3 Youa reg oingt o asky ourp artnetrh eq uestionfsr omE x'z. First, Atthougehm igrat incga nb e edictw haty out hinkh is/hear nswerwsi t lb e' hard,i t cana lsoP rovideP eoPle with greater satisfaction. b Askt heq uestionHs.o wm anyd idy oug etr ight? iob,


during the dark Every day, thousands of PeoPlea re Londonu niversity H. ew asd issatisfied' weather especially of funding and cold winter months' Southern on the move and,eithertemPorarilY however,w ith the level uP home and recognitionh e was getting and Spainb ecomesv ery aPPealingw hen or permanentlY, setting decidedt o exploret he possibilities you think of the 320d ayso f sunshine abroad. Their move maY be iob- to offer' 'Emigration a year.C heaperp roperty is another orientated or had PerhaPs theY think California greener somewhere is incrediblyd iff icult,e motionallyasreasong ivenf or movinga broad'The the grass is in Americaf,o r example' else. Whatever their reasons, it's well as practicallyh,'e says''Buat fter costofliving yearsh ere,l 've got a far nicer life ist wentyp ercentlo wer t han in Britain clear that more and more PeoPle ten often salariesa re slightlyh igher' are stepping into the unknown and than before. I havea fantasticjo b and and own country.ln Britain the recognitionI wanted' P eopleta ke Fora l lt heser easonsit,' sn ot surprising leaving their most regularlY alone, over 4OO,OOOPe oPle make my work much more seriouslYh ere' that the toP five to But where do It would be diff icultt o give that up chosen destinations for Britons the move each Year. emigratet o are:t he USA,A ustralia' they go and whY?A nd do theY'live now.' New ZealandC, anadaa nd SPain'The happily ever after'? 3 The most PoPular reason for fact that most of these are English- Typicallya lot of people move abroad emigrating,h owever, i s the desiref or speakingc ountriesi s obviouslya lso jobs.Theym ay find a better quality of life' Destinationsbecauseo f their a major factor for Britishp eople'S ue moving them that placea greaterv alueo n leisurethat their companyi s Riddell,a thirty-year-oldn ursef rom manY make and have a more laid-back l ifestyle overseasb ut PeoPle Birminghamw, ants to emigrate to theY were the most PoPularP' eoPlea lsotheir own decision,b elieving Australiaw ith a group of friends"We're more successfucl areers look for placest hat wil l give them a will have fed up of the conditionsw e work and and generallyh otter abroadP. aulD erwinisascientiswt ho sunnierc l imate l ive in,' she says.' lw ent travell ingt o be based at a is famous f or its bad used to Prestigious weatherB. ritain Australiaa fter I left schoola nd I loved it - the beaches,thfere sha ir,thes ense of spacel.f I can,l 'm going'A nd I don't know if l ' l lc omeb ack.' Despitet he fact that so many Britons move abroad,h owever,m ost of them go backh ome aftero nlYa bout three years.O ften living overseasis not as attractivea s it first seems.G enerally people emigrate because they think life is going to be better'T hey sometimesw ant to do this because they get certainf eelingso n holiday and theY romanticisea bout what it would be l iketolivet here.Theyte nd to focuso n the besta spectsa ndt hink it wil l be l ike this all the time when ''.::'::; t & often that is not the case' M aking '1ti€,.;:.4. '* Ea:: enoughm oneya nd gettingw ork can be mored iff iculta broadt hana t home ;;':, and peoPlet end to find theY miss family,f riendsa nd things they took for grantedb ackh ome. 6 Discuss. r whatt ypeo f persond oy out hinky oun eedt o bet o emigratoer studva broad? I thinky ou needt o be an independenpt erson. z Havey oue verl iveda broad? alfso,w hered idy oug o andw hatw asitlike?W hatd idy oum iss? blfnot,w ouldy oue verc onsidedro ings o?w hy/whyn ot?w herew ouldv ou t iket o go? 3 lsitcommonfo rp eopleto emigratfer omy ourc ountryl?f so,w hered o theyg o andw hata ret heirr easonsD?o y out hinkt heyf indw hatt heya ret ookingfo r?,

Gra &,f I makincgo mparisons I Compteteth e seconds entences o that it means

the samea s the first. Useb etweent wo and four Comptetteh e rulesi n theA ctiveg rammabr ox. words (includingth e word in botd). Spoin is sunniert han Britain. Active graYnrnar isn't:B ritoini sn't as sunnya s Spain. r | findl earningfo reignla nguagefsa r morerAThec omparativaen ds upertativoef difficulth anm y sister. one-syllablea diectives(e .g.c heop) and adverbs( e.g.f asf) areg enerally much: M ys isterl earnsfo reignla nguages madeb y thanm e. Exceptions: I'dp referto lives omewherder iert hant his. B Adjectivews hiche ndinavowel wet: I'dp refert o lives omewherteh at plusa consonan(te .9.h or).T hese this. comparativeasn ds uperlativeasr e I'ma bit morea dventurounso wt hanI wast en madeb y yearsa go. C Adjectivews hiche ndi n 'e (e.g.n rce). slighttyT: eny earsa gol was I am now. Thesec omparativeasn ds uperlatives At homem y tifew asa lot morec omplicated arem adeb y- thani t is abroad. z A Thec omparativaen ds uperlative much:M y lifea broadis - thani t wasa t of two andt hree-syllabtaed iectives home. (e.g.p opular)a nd adverbs( e.g. I don' tt hinkI plannedm yt imeo n hol iday carefullya) reg eneraltYm adeb Y carefullye nough. : carefullyI: t hinkI should'vep lannedm yt ime Exception: on hol iday a Two-syllablaed iectiveesn dingi n My lifestytein Canadan owi s not bettero r -y (e.g.s unny).T hesec omparatives worset hani t wasi n England. ands uperlativeasr em adeb Y as: My lifestyleh erei n Canadais - it * Youc ana lsou se( not)o s...a st o make wasi n England. comparisons. * 3 A Weu se( nof)o s...a st o compare thingsw hicha re (e.g.O ften living overseasis not as attractivea s it first seems). B Weu sea s...o s to compareth ings whicha re - (e.g.T hel ifestYle in NewZ eolandi s as laid-backa s in Australia). Somea diectivesa nd adverbsh ave inegular forms: + A good/well- r better- r B bad/badly) - + the worst; C much+ more+ most; D little + less+ least; E far+ further+ furthest We can't usev ery to modiff comparatives' Ferson to person but: g yourself o little ands lightly a Writes ixs entenceasb out using5 A We can usea bit, to show differences. comparativeasn ds upertativeYso. uc anu set he ideasin Ex.8t o helpyou. ofthes entences B We can usef ar, much and a lot lo Four show differences. shouldb et ruea ndt wos houldbefalse. I'm morea dventurouths onI usedt o be, seeR eferencpea ge87hSayy ours entencetso anothesr tudentC. an he/sheg uessw hicht woa ref alse?,

Expressionwsi th go

Matcht he expressionws ith go in bold with the 2 Worki n pairs.S ayo ne of the definitionsin Ex.r - correctd efinitionsa -j. Yourp artners houlds ayt he correcte xpression. r We'reg oinga wayf or two weekst o stayw ith Azt o be clearw ithoutb eings aid myc ousin. B:i t goes withouts oying z There'sa lot of shoutingn extd oor.I wonder what'sg oingo n? 3 Chooset he correcta lternatives. 3 Whichc ourseh avey oud ecidedto go for? r WhenI 'ma broadI alwaysm akelhovae go at 4 | totattytr ustD aniel leS.h ew ouldn evegr o speakintgh e[ anguage. backo n herw ord. z We'reg oinga way/ouf or the weekendC. ould 5 Hew entd ownw ith terriblef lu the dayb efore you looka ftero urc at? hisi nterview. 3 Don'tw orry.l t goesw ithouts oyingltalkingth at6I'ven everb eens ki ingb eforeb ut ld t iket o l'i l meety oua t the airport. havea go. 4 There's omething oingd own/onin the city 7 He'sd ecidedto makea go of the newb usiness centrel.t 'sf ul[o f people. for at leasta year. 5 Atthoughth eya rguea lot,t heyw antt o make/ 8 I'veb eeno n the go alt daya ndI 'me xhausted. havea go of theirm arriage. 9 lt goesw ithouts ayingt hatw e'lla [[s upport 6 | promiseI won'tg o backw ith/onw hatI 've you. said. ro Theyw entt o greatl engthst o maket he partya 7 Cany ouh elpw ithd innerp lease?l' vebeeno n/ succesS. off theg oa l lday. a) to happen 8 Yourt eachecr an'tb e heret oday.S he'sg one b) to catcha n illness offfiown with a bad cold. c) to takea lot of timea | nde ffort 9 couldn'td ecidew hichk ittent o go owaylfor. They d) were gorgeous. to choosea part icula all thr ing ro Hew entt o greatllong e) to attempt o do lengths something to makes ureh e wast ota[[yp reparedfo r the interview. f) to bec learw i thoutb eings aid g) to bev eryb usyo r workinga ll the time4aListena ndc hecky oura nswers. h) to not do whaty ou'vep romisedo r agreedto oo b Listena gaina nd underl ineth e parto f the i) to makes omethin(ge .g. expressionw ith go a businesosr a whichh ast he mains tress. marriage) Then successful repeat he sentences. i) to leavey ourh omea ndg o to anotherp lacef or en l'm abroadI alwaysh avea ge ot speoking a fewd ayso r weeks the language. D a In pairs,p reparet o tell a story usingf ive of the expressionsin Ex.r . Yours torys hould includeo neo f the sentencebse low. Oned ay I decidedt hat t wonteda bit more adventurei n my life. I'd alwaysb eenf ascinatedb y the a of loring caves. I'd neverc onsideredm yselfm ucho f an lorer before. b Listento others tudents'stor iesW. hichd id you think wast he moste xciting?H owf ar were the storiesb asedo n true feelings/events?,

Travelt incg0 mpaniCIns

' . t ' . -:. ',,.- 9 3 rjfealadventurer who loves sleepingAre you an intrepid undert he starso r someone*h if:'*:: '1::-1"" :''ffi;:ill'.'no,,inoth upeuh , oaropsp teoa rsH [1il:*i*f:T#:T;:i"Til"'5H,ffi"' youm ost?W hy? i . companionf rom hel l? z Whati st heb esth ottriuddavy ouuuv' vEeeE veEr"b' "e"e no" "n' ? rilDo the quiz and f ind out.why? .," whawt ou1rdI" "',:1:1in1de,"p"eTnd1e'n"t:t5ra:v'e*l?,TI t . Dot heq uizw itha sm anyd ifferenst tudentsa s , ou*rl;;il;;/*rchlpool - l ^ r i noirrnsle/ t 1".'-'.",ll,Jl':;:il1il;il.'il;#;'";;;". ii 'o".li,.ititie(se g skiinsgc'u b daiv inegt'c) Wheny ou'rea nsweringih e questionsu, set he i ,,r;iw hat would you definitelyp ack in your suitcase? ideasi n the quiz andy our own ideas. l.ur,,r.uaingn' ovels seriounso vels d., T;ffi books cst fi :r-s-t+a^ iiAdtk ,iit : ;;ffi; guidebootYJ:Hl..oi:f"llTl5each ii lilil:''ffi;;:ry','lgdifferentrood in variousb arsa ndn ightclubs * Whichs tudentdso y out hinkw ouldb et he f.#i,'.?ilffi;il:'# il'i'l;rir-'.u ' *tL il ffi nowro ndgo ,. y' ,*:.n^h::orr id taovb se ? - ' ' ' - .r , l i . i i . ;"#iil; ; ' - ' i ' T5.*or.thanawetewvvrry: ko weeks at leastthreoer four weeks open-ended your holiday?' Whatd o you dread most about friends/family missingfa vouriteT Vp rogrammes m issing etc' Travellingis learningiibeingb ored spiders m., osquitoes' don'tw ork t ime. +: toilelst hat ProPerlYTravell int igm ei sg oodl earning ub eacwh itho nlyp eoploef m yn ationalityon Brainstormat lt hew ayst o continuete arnin' g r,I u"ing '\, notb einga bleto speatkh el anguagewhilet ravell ing. : ii " '" :- ' li gettingro bbed . watchE ngt ishf i lmsonaplane i" i .^L^^,..n - ̂ nr ,.,,c t: f-ftir *w' ,r,aat rey ou .o,^||':r"ll::tolistento yourc oursebooCkD so na bus iili: i"":::y lotso f tntupt ig"t*ts andp erfume peoptveo u'L e,e t t'+i i ;;;;:"';n"mthea irPori"tt-", ty::: ?m:'a:'d]*befv fti;helo cars :ilt?jlr"sn'speaKrng ffi]*il;r;; ,;, andc rafri,

Present Perfeet Si le and lndirecqt uestions: Continuous Usei ndirecqtu estionwsh eny ouw ant o bep ol i te

( heny ou Use d on't theP resent know PerfecSti someone). mpleto talka bouta n actiono r experiencinet hep astw hent het imei s not Uset hew ordo rdero f positives tatements. importanotr notk nown. Usei f or whetherfoirn direcyt es/Noq uestions. I've visiteds everacl auntriesin SouthA merica. Cany out ell me whereth e nearesbt anki s? Uset heP resenPte rfecSti mpleto describaen a ct ion I'd like ta knoww hethetrh isb usg oest o rd. thats tartedin t hep asta ndc ontinueisn thep resent, wheny ou'refo cussinogn t hef inisheadc t iono r on then umbeor ft imest hea ctionh asb eenc ompleted upt o thet imeo f speaking. Add- erand- estt o formt hec omparativaensd l've livedh eres incel ast superlatives January. of: Contraswt ithP resenPt erfecCt ontinuouUs.s et he one-syl labaled jectiveasn da dverbs PresenPte rfecCt ontinuoutos d escribaen a ct ion two-syl labaled jectiveasn da dverbesn dingin y thats tartedin t hep asta ndc ontinueisn thep resent, Usem orea ndm ostt o formt hec omparativeasn d wheny ou'refo cussinogn t hea ctivityit self. superlativeosf twoo r mores yllablea djectiveasn d He'sb eenp layingt ennisf or threeh ours. adverbs. Uset heP resenPte rfecSti mpleto describaen a ct ion Youc ana lsou se( not)a s...a st o makec omparisons. thath appeneidn thep astb uth ast her esulitn the I can'tp layt hep ionoa s wella sM ichael. present. Wec an'tu sev eryt o modifyc omparativebsu, tw e Thep osth asc ome.T here'sa letterf or you. canu set hef ol lowing: just, yet anda lready for a smalld ifferenc-e a bit, a little,s tightly /asfm eansa short imea go.l t usuallcyo mes for a largerd ifferenc-e far,m uch,v erym uch,o lot, betweenh as/havaen dt he pastp articiple. quitea lot l've justs eenM ariana. I'm feelingq uitea lot bettert odoy. Alreadys howsth ats omethinhga ppenesdo oner thane xpectedlt. usuallyc omesb etweenh ashave Key voc andt hep astp art iciple ularyora tt hee ndo fthes entence. l've olready Exploringdonet hes hopping. to haveit chyf eet to beb itten Yef byt het ravel s howsth bug att hes peakeerx pectesdo methintgo to goa sa ni ndependetnrat vel lert o experience happenb eforen ow.l t is useda t thee ndo f negatives culturesh ock to go/bet akenin tou ncharted andq uestions. terr i toryt o wandear round Havey ouf inishedt hat emoily et? Adjectivews ith -eda nd -inge ndings Sheh asn't lied to thei nvitationv et, fascinate/fda scni ating daun ted/d aun tin g chall en ged/c ha[[neg ing petrified/petrifuing n estionsanoye/da nnoying di sgusted/idsg usntig inspired/ inspir inwgo rr ied/worrying Direcqt uestions: Weather Therea ret wom aint ypeso f direcqt uestions: cool chi t ty subzertoe mperaturems i ld scorching to pour Yes/Noq uestions to drizzleldrizzles hower/showery breezebfr eezy clear overcastb right Arey oug oingt o Donka'sp ortyo n Saturday? changeable !/h- questions Verbp hrasesa boutm oving/travelling Whered id shel earnt o speaks uchg oodS ponish? to emigratet o livea broad to moveh ouse Subjecqtu estionasr eu sedw hent heq uestiown ord to [eaveh ome to roama round to seto ff (e.g.w ho)r efersto thes ubject to of the see sentence. someonoef f to beo ff Whena wh-w ordr eplacetsh es ubjecitn a question Expressionwsi th go wed o notu set hea uxiliarvye rb. to goa way to goo n to gof or to go backo n Thet eachetro ld us to go. + o told yout o go? to god ownw ith to havea goa t to makea goo f to beo nt heg o to gow ithoust aying to got o greatl engths, J Chooseth e correcat t ternat ives. Writein direcqtu estionfso rt heu nderl ined answersst art ingw itht hew ordsg ivena nd usingth ew ordsin brackeis. t l 'vew rittenlveb eenw ritinge ighte mailsa tl morn ing . 2 l 'ves eenlSowa realtya wfulf ilmy esterday. 3 My brotheris in FranceH. e'sb eent heref or/ r Can ? (thiss hop) sincea week. It ctosesa t hatfp astf ive. She'sv eryw etlt ravelledS. he'sb een/gonIeo I'd (canb uy/theatre moret hant wentyc ountr ies. ticketsh ere) 5 Bitly'st he nicestp ersonl 'vee ver/alreodmy et. Yesv, ouc an. 6Iliveinaflat in Londonl.' vel ived/livedh eref or Would ? (you/f inisyho ur threey ears. homework) He'sw orkedheenw orkingi n the gardenf or I ' t td ef ini tetfyin ishi i by rz.oo. hoursa ndh e'se xhausted. 4 Can ? (them ost 8 Woutdy oul ikes omec offee?l'v ey et/iusmt ade interest incgo untry/yoeuv erv isit)? some. I 'mn ots ure- ei therJ apano r Russia. Writes entenceuss ingth ep romptsU. se Chooseth e correcat l ternat ives. theP asSt impleP, resenPte rfecSti mpleo r " | : . : . 1:' ' 1' .,,":1'; ;i 1.t; aj l;ti. Continuous. Mys uitcaseis much/morhee avietrh any ours. 2 Taniag ot the worse/uorsmf athsr esultsin the , " , : . : i ' , , 1 ; ' ' i:a : : . ' : : ; ' ( . ,: ' : i : i : ; : ' i ' : . ' . ' 1 : ; : ,l-. ; - : ! , : , : wholec lass. ' a l ' : : : , 1 : l a : . Thee xamw asn'ta s difficult han/asl' d r He/already/phomne / threet i mest oday. expected. z We/go/toI ndia/threwee eksla sts ummer. 4 You'reth e most/moreh elpfutp ersonI know. r l / just is ee/ar eat lyfa ntast imc usica[. 5 Youn eedt o speakq uite/quieat lot loudert han 4 You/hear/ thnee ws/yet? that. s l /decorate/thleiv ingr oomai t lday. Peoplea ref ar moref riendlylfriendlierhere6l/know/myb estf r iendpi r imarys choo[. thani n myc ountry. 7 You/ever/read/thLeo rdo f the Rrngsb ooks? Thiso nei s a/thet itttem oree xpensivteh an 8 Howtong/you/study/Engt ish? tha to ne . Whicha ctori s theb etterhesf:B radP itto r Completeth e directq uest ionsfo r the LeonardDoi Caorio? underl ineda nswers. : : i : a i ; . : i i : r . , : . ; , 1 i . , i _ , . : i : ' Onew ordi sw rongin eachs entenceF.i ndth e worda ndc orrecitt . vourm otorbike? We'l[n eeda n alarmb ecausew e'rep uttingo ff I 'veh adm y motorbikfeo ra weeka nda ha[f . verye ar lyin them orning. He'sd esperatteo go traveltingH. e'sg ot realty at university? scratchfye et. She'sg oingt o studye ngineerinagt universi ty. 3 ld reat lylo vet o makea gow i thd ramale ssons. ? 4 I th inkl 'mg oingd ownofasoret hroat. I thinkI 'ma boutr metre7 o cent imetretas[ [ . 5 l ' i lg ivey oualift.T hatg oesw i thouts peaking. thatb oxo nt het op shelf or6Iexperiencecdo untrys hocka t firsta ndf ound me? it hardt o getu sedtoliv ingin a newp lace. No,s orryI, c an' tr eachit . I cano ntyr eachthe7Ican' tb el ievesh ew entb ackt o herw ord. seconds helf. 8 I tw asl ovelyh avings o manyp eopleto seem e awava t the station., hi1. 1 - : 1l r : iiiii: : , . t ' : liiir, . 1 r ii , f - , rqti€ fi ' tlifil:S ' i . ;r : IIi1-r;r . ;1 -r,1 ' : . Ij n- l ; i ' ; ie : : l te deSCfi i :eC; a l ' . :t l lr.: l , l i ts il ctL,t:h iniReading 1 Looka t the photoa ndd iscuss. r Howd oest he picturem akeY ouf eel? z Doy oue at a lot of fastf ood?W hy/Whyn ot?D oy ou thinkt hatt hea mounot f fastf oody oue ati s healthy? , a Readth et extq uicklya nda nswetrh isq uestion.

Accordintog thef i lm-makewl hati st hem ainm essage

oft hef i lm?


'The Threetrips to McDonald 'sa daY horr i fy ing.I n thefirs t week, he playgroundsa ren ' t therej ust might be everylittle boy 's dream. put on 4.5kilos in weight and bY for k ids to come and p lay, ' he'You' re But the real i ty wasanightmare the end of the thirty days he had says. onlyallowedi nto the for Morgan Spur lock whose ga inedn early14kilos ,bring inghisplaygroundw hen you've boughtafilm Super Size Me documents 45 tota l weight to a massive9 8k9. 85 burgero r somefries or a Coke.l t 's h is one-month ex is tenceo n an effectivew ay of establishinga Weightg a in was only one of fast food and i ts d isastrous posi t ivea ssociat ionin ch i ldren 'sthe negativee ffects, however. consequences.S o, ifitwas sominds. 'Whenallthree doctorss awt he awful , why d id he do i t? And severed amagetohis l iver ,t heYIt's the humour aboveallthat 10 doesitwork asafilm? 50 al l recommendeds toPPingt he 90 makest h isfilm work. Event owards The main basiso f thefilm is that experiment after twenty daYs. the end of the month, when he Spur lockp romisest o eat three Spur lockc ont inuedt o fo l low the admit tedt o feel ingl etharg ic , McDonald 'sm ealsa day, everyd aY, diet , however,b ecauseh e wanted depresseda nd smel ly ,t he for a month. He must only eat food to show peoplew hat th is k ind of audiencer emaine nter ta inedbyhis f rom McDonald 'sa nd everyt ime 55 diet can do to you. And you begin 95 senseo f humoura nd upbea ts tY le . an employeea sksifhe would l ike to real iset hat thefilm could be a Spur locks ayst hat he hoPest hat to ' supe rs i ze 't he mea l ,h e mus t fast-forward picture of yourlife: thefilm is enter ta in ing,b ut he a lso ag ree .' Supe rsizing 'r e fe rstothe in thirty daysy ou get to seew hat hopest hatitencouragesth em to fact that wi th th is type of mealy ou could happent o you over twenty or take bet terc areo f themselvesH. e' l 'd get a considerablyla rgerp or t ion of eo thirty yearso f over consumpt ion. roo says, love peoplet o walk out of everyth ing.I nsteado f the normal You' reonapath to hear td isease, the moviea nd say," Next t ime I 'm'super burger ,f r ies and a dr ink, you get l iverfailure,h igh b lood pressure, not going to s ize ' .M aYbe an extra- largeb urger ,extra- large diabetes,d epressiona nd more. I 'm no t go ingt o go the reatall. I 'm fr ies,a nd an extra- larged r ink for ' l go ing tositdown and eat d innerth ink we needt o take25only a very smal l pr icei ncrease. wi rh my k ids,w i th the TV of f , so65 responsibilityfo r ourselves, ' Spur lock.' There that we can eat healthy food, talk Spur locka dmit tedt hat the whole says a lso has about what we' re eat inga nd have expe r imen itg no reda nys ens ib le to be some resPonsibilitYon the a re lat ionshipw i th eacho ther . " ' eat ingp lan. He knew that by eat ing part of the fast food companies. by criticsa nd audiences three McDonald 'sm ealsa day, he McDona ld ' sa l onef eeds46million Judging 110 al ike,t hefilm cer ta in lyd oes seem wou ld be consumingm o rec a loriesz, o people every day. TheY have an to work. Foodf or thought indeed. fat , saltand sugar per mealt han obligationtogivet he i rc onsumers he needed.B eforeh e star ted,t hree informat iona bout exact lYw hat doctorsc ertifiedt hat Spur lockw as they ' ree at ing. 'S Pur locka lso 183cm tall,w e igheda bout 84kg focusseso n the adver t is inga nd and was in good heal th.A l though 75 market ingo f fast food products, both Spur locka nd h is doctors espec ia l ltyo childrenM. cDona ld ' s knew th is d iet was unheal thy,n one marketst o chi ldrent hrough of them were qui te preparedf or HappyM ea l s( a children ' sm ea l just how unheal thyi t turned out to in a box inc ludinga f ree toy) and be. The changesinhis bodYw ere 80 playgroundsi n the restaurants., b Readt he text againa nd exptainw hat eachofoWhati s thed ifferencien mean(ngbeNresn thesep hrasesm eansi n its Br/context. a fewa ndl ittle/al ittle in ' the theses entences?r realityw asa nightmare('1 .3) 1 a 'to He'sl ucky.H e'sg ot few problemsto worryz "supers ize"t he meal'( l.rZ) about. 3 ' ignoreda nys ensiblea t ingp tan(' 1.27) b Thingsa ren'tg oingw ell.H e'sgot 4 ' justh o few owu nhealthiyt turnedo utt o be'( 1.39) problems. 'recommendesd5 to ppingth ee xperimen(tt,. 5o) 2 a Wem ustg o.T here'sli ttle timeb eforet he 6 'a fast-forwarpdi ctureo f yourt ife:'( 1.57) trainl eaves. 7 'ano bligationto givet heirc onsumers b Staya nd havea drink.W e'veg ota littte information([' .7r) timeb eforeth e shows tarts. 8 'a posi t ivea ssociat ioi nc hi ldrenm's inds'( t .gZ) 'his 9 senseo f humouar ndu pbeast tyte(,1 .95) 6 Completteh es entencewsi tht hec orrecwt ord/ ro 'havea relationshiwp ithe acho ther'( l.rog) phrasefr omt he box. 3 DiscussH. avey ou much seent many hisfilm? a little Whatd id you a few lots lot think of it?W ouldy ou some great like a to see it? dealo piece Why/Why f slice not? t Youh aven'et aten_ fries. 2 I onlyh ave sugari n myc offee Gfa &f I countablaen du ncountablneo uns nowa0ays. 4 a Looka tt heu nderl inewdo rdsin t hee xamples 3 Thereis too _ traffici n the cityc entre. in theA ctiveg rammabr ox.l s eacho nec ountable 4 Sheg avem ea _ of paperw i thh er or uncountable? addressw ritteno n it. Heg avem b Oivide e th ew ordsin5_reallyg ood theb oxi nto groups: advice.three countableu,n countabale6I'veg ot n dt hosew hichc an of bagsbetocarryC. any ouh elp both. me? He'sv ery[ azyH. es pends time c doingFort hew ordst hatc anb e both,d iscussw hat nothing. thed if ferencine meaninigs . 8 l ' [ [ justh aveo ne of toastp lease. Youc ons oy'a coffeew' heny ou,r e talkinga bouta 9 Therew ereo nly shopsstillo pen cupo fcoffeea _ when ndy ouc ans ay,somec offeew, hen I wento ut. I'ves penta _ of timew orkingw ith chi ldren. 7 Findt he mistakesin eighto f the sentenceasn d He ate three McDonold's a day, correcth em. everyd ay,f or a month. r Doy ous pendlo t of t imed oinge xercise? 2 Hem usto nly eot from McDonalds,. z Havey oug ivena nyonea gooda dvicer ecently? 3 I'll haves ausogeb, eansa nd o black 3 Howm anys ugard o youh avei n yourc offee? pleose. 4 Whenw ast hel astt imey ouh adp ieceo f cake? lfIkcoffeei n the evenings,I can,t 5 Howo ftend o youw atcht he newso n TV? sleepp roperly. 6 Howm anyf ruitsd o you usuallye ate veryd ay? food meal coffee diet burger 7 Doy ou likea veryh otw eather? meat sugar salt chicken bread e Doy oue veru set he Internetto get chocolate fruit cake weather information? 9 Whend id youl astg o on an interestintgr avel? ro Whend id youl astb uys omen ewf urnitures?

Person to person

COUNTABLE UNCOUNTABLE BOTH 8 Aska nda nswetrh eq uestionisn Ex.7 witha partner. seeR eferencpea ge rcl,

Voc ulary I fooda ndc ool I a Putt hesew ordsi ntot hec orrecpt lacein the 11 a @ Wittta partnedr,e cidew hichs ytlable wordm apb elow. in eacho f thew ordsb elowh ast he mains tress. Thenli stena ndc hecky ouri deas. a saucepan an oven sweet to bake cooker a cooker beef to scramble bitter 1 saucepan a fryingp an salty to fry a peach 2 oven to roast cabbage to boil sour grill savoury 3 vegetablea woodens poon to parsley a plate 4 vegetarian s bitter 6 savoury Waysof7cattol cooking sugar b Nowd ecidew hichs yllable(s)in eacho f the wordsa bovey ou think is pronouncedasaweak torm lal. Listena gaina nd checky our ideas.


b Whati s the differenceb etween: r a cook/ac ookerzavegetable/vae getarian3arecipe/ad ish 4 rare/raw s to stir/tob eat 6 to slice/toc hop/tog rate c Worki n pairs.A dd at leastt wo morew ords to eachg roupo f wordsi n the wordm ap. 1OaChooseth e correcta lternatives. 7 SushisaJapanesdei shm adew ithr aw/rare fish. 2 Beat/Stirth e mixtures lowlye veryf ive minutes. L2 Listento someontea tkinga bouta Ugh!T hiss oupi s mucht oo savoury/salty. tradit ionaBlritishC hristmadsin nerD. oy ou3 thinky ouw oulde njoyth ism ea[? 4 Firsty, ous lice/chotph e onioni ntos mall squares. 13aChoosoen eo ft het hingsin thel istb elow. 5 | don' te atm anyc akesa ndb iscuits|. f indt hem Thinka bouth owi t is prepareadn dc ooked. Ioo sweethour. 1 yourf avouritdei sh 6 Fitla larges aucepawn ithw atera ndb ake/boil the pastaf or ten minutes. z thel astm ea yl oum adefo rv isitors your 7 Macaroni is my favourited ish/plate. 3 a tradit iondails hin countrycheese 8 Thec ook/cookehra sb rokenI. needt o buya4adish y ouu sedto lovea sa chi ld newo ne. fu Tetlothesrt udentws hatt hed ishi s andh ow 9 ln Britaina t Christmasit,' st raditionaltob ake/ to prepare/cooitk. roosta turkeyi n the oven. * Whicho ft hem ealsy ouh earda bouwt ould ro Whichv egetables hallw e havet oday: youl iket o eatm ost? cabb age / parsleyo r broccoli?, passrves writea formal[e ttero f complaint


1 DiscusWs. hatc any ous ee int hep hotosH? owd oy ou thinkt heya rec onnected? 2 Listena ndc hecky our ideas. 3 Listena gaina ndd ecidei f theses tatementsa ret rue (T), false( F)o r we don't know (DK). r A friendo f Andressfo und theb ik ini n herattic. z Andress aidi t wasa difficuldt ecisionto sellt he bikini . 3 Someonbeo ughth eb ik ini for $6roo. 4 Sixs tormtroopehre lmets werea uct ioneidn London. I 5 Theo wnerm adea profito f VOCabulary I verb phrasesa bout money nearly$ z5,ooo. fi what is the differencein meaningb etweent he verb phrasesr n italics 5 Someonseo ldBritney in eachp airo f sentences? Spears'chewinggu mataraLotso f peopleb id fort he chewing umo n eBay. tradi t ionaaIu ct ion. b Thatb agi s verye xpensiveW. hyd on'ty out ry andh agglef or it? 7 Theg umc amew i thazaTheseb oots guarantee wereo nty prove f3o. I thinkI got to a was real. b ld tiket o buyt hisT -shirbt ut it 'ss lighttym arkedC. ouldI get a discount? 8 Thousandosf peoplep uti n bidsf ort heg um. 3 a Youc an g et a refundw ithint wenty-eighdta ysi f youa ren ot completelsya tisfied. 9 Onem ani n Texasb ought hiss onsC hr istmapsr esents b Geta receip jtu st in casey ouw antt o taket he CDsb ack. on eBay. t+ a l'd lovet o get a newc amerab ut I can,ta ffordi t at the moment. ro Whenh es otd presents b lt'[[c ostf ro to takea taxi- the it'sn ot worth it.L et'sw alki nstead. againh, em ade$ rooo orofit. 6 aa Readth es entenceasn dd ecidew hicho f the phraseisn Ex.5 you couldu sef ore acho ne. 4 Discuss. r onem ano fferetdo payf 5ooof ora smalal ntiquech aira t ana uction. r Doy ouk nowa nyone z TenC Dsfo ro nlyf 5o - that'sr eallyc heap! who collectsth ings( e.9. 3 I askedifIcouldp ayl ess,b ut the shopa ssistanst aidn o. popm emorabi l ioal,d 4 ld t iket o buya motorbikbeutIhaven'gt ote noughm oney. magazines,t ampse, tc.)? 5 ThisD VDp layebr rokea f tero nlya week.ld l ikem ym oneyb ack, Whatd oy out hinko f this please. kindo f hobby? 6 I alwaystr y andn egotiatea lowerp ricew ith market raders. z Whatd oy out hinko f what 7 Ther ento n thatt inyf lat is mucht oo expensive. theT exanfa therd id? 8 Don'tf orget o keept he papert heyg ivey ouw heny ou buy 3 Havey oue verv isitede Bay something. or a tradi t ionaaIu ct ion? Whatd oy out hinko f these fo Rewriteth es entenceuss ingt hec orrecfto rmo f thev erbp hrase. wayso f buyinga nds el l ing *, Listena ndc hecky ouri deas. th ings?,

Gra,mrrr&f I passives 6 Ridiculoushtyig hp rices_ (pay)f or

compteteulys elesist ems(. FuturSe imple7aLooka t thee xamplese ntenceisn theA ctive Passivew ith wilf) grammabr oxa nda nswetrh eseq uestions. 7 Then ews hop (open)b y the mayor. r Whicho ft heu nderlinevde rbsa rea ctivea nd (Futurew ithg oing to) whicha rep assive? 8ltseemsth ata lmosat nythin-g (buy). z Fore achp airo fs entencewsh, yw ouldw e (Modatsin the passivee, .g.c an) choosteo uset hep assiv(en ott hea ctive)? see Referencep lge rcl b Checyko ura nswerbsy r eadintgh er uleso f meaninAg a ndB . 8 Completeth e emai lwitha n appropriataec t ive or passivef orm ofthe verbsi n brackets.

Active g'rammar

t a Theb ikini for $6Looo. Hi John b Someone the bikinifor Just o quick messoget o teltyou cbout on $6t,ooo. ouct ion f wos ( toke) to in Londonl ostzaTheb ikini by the week. I (1) - (persuode) to go by some American,R obertE arl,c o-founderoffriends of mine ondolthough I wosn, t very PlanetH ollywood. keen qtfirs t , f ended up hoving o great t ime. Whenwefirs t got b TheA merican,R obertE arl,c o-founder there we (2) - (give) o l ist of PlanetH ollywood, the bikini. of otl the items in the ouct ion ond then we (3) Meaning (hove) some time to look ot everything. Most ofitwas rock-ond-rollqnd Uset he passivew heny ouw ant: memorobi l io there were someo ld records ond th ings. I A to talk abouta ctionse, ventsa nd wqsobitnervous obout b idding for th ings processews henw ho or whatc auses otfirs t , but soon got in toit. the actione, vento r processis unknown in Anywcy, or unimportanTt.h isi s oftent he case to cut o long story short, I(4) writing( or moref ormalspeech) - (buy) o lorge jukebox. It,s reolly fontqstic - ond o reol borgoin B to put newi nformationo r longer Ith ink. I t (5) (del iver) next expressionlsa teri n the sentence weeK.But con I csk you o huge fovour? you see, Form they soid it (6) (could/not/send) obrood to my house so I (Z) verbf o be + pastp articiple (give)them your oddress in London. I hope thot ,s 0K! I (8) (orronge) for my uncle to p ickitup f rom your p loce very c Readt he ruleo f form in the box and soon, I p rom ise . Then he , lllookofterituntilf,m completet he passives entencesb elowu sing in Londono goin in the summer.D on' t worry, the correctv erbf orms( in brackets). whenitor r ives, you (9) (osk) to Thousondso fthings (buy) on eBay sign something but you won' t hove to poy everyd ay.( PresenSt impleP assive) onything. Atl the poyment (10) _ (sor t ) outolreody. r Thec ar_ (cteana) t the moment. (PresenCt ontinuouPs assive) r ' 1 1 phone soon to let you know the exoct t ime of del ivery. z Thes tormtroopehre lmet (find)b y chanceatasecond-hansda le.( PasSt imple A11t he best Passive) Guis eppe 3 Thep ainting (disptayw) henI arrived at the auction(.P astC ontinuouPs assive) 4 Somei tems- (buy)a t auctionsfo r absurdlyh ighp rices(. PresenPt erfecSt imple Passive) I t wasa pieceo f chewing umw hich (spit)o ut by BritneyS pears(.P ast PerfecSt impleP assive),

Speaking iting

I Discusws i th a partnerw haty ouw ouldd o in eacho f the si tuat ions 12 Readt he let teri n theWriting belowa nd why. banko n page1 63a ndd o the r Youh avej ust beens erveda mealinarestauranwt hichi s colda nd exercises. veryl atet o arrive. z Your ealiseth aty oub oughtf ourC Dsinashopy esterdaby uty ou 18 Chooseo neo f the si tuat ions werec hargedfo r five. in Ex.9 or oneo f youro wn 3 Youh aveju sta rr iveda t yourh otelo n hot idayT.h eb rochursea id ideasa ndwritea formal therew asa swimminpgo olb uti t hasn'bt eenf inished. let tero f complaintU. set he Yourn eww ashingm achinies brokena nds omew etc lothesa re paragraphp 4 lant o helpy ou. stucki nsideit . Paragrap1h: stateb rieflyw hat you'rec omplaininagb out 1O a Listento the conversat ioann da nswerth e quest ions. Paragrapzh: gived etails r Whicho f thes i tuat ionisn Ex.9isit? abouty ourc omplaint z Howd oest hec ustomefre el? Paragrap3h: givef urther 3 Whats olutionis offered? detai lsa bouty ourc omplaint (if necessary) b Listena gaina ndc ompleteth e Howt o box. Paragrap4h: sayw haty ou wouldl iket hemt o do complain in a shop, restaurant, hotel, etc Customaesr ksto i I'dl iket o speakto the( i , please. speakt o someone i Couldt speak to CustomerS ervicesp, lease? . CanI help you? '. CanI be of any (z)_ ? I whot (i) - to be the problem? Customesra ys My woshingm achineh ass toppedc ompletely whatp roblemis and there'sa load of woshings tucki nside. Yourc omputerws ered owna ndI couldn'gt et through. Weh aveb eenw oitingf or overa n hourf or our moinc ourse. Manager/ Oh,l 'm verys orrya boutt hat,m adam. Assistant I cano nly( +)_ . apologisesa nd provide (S) offersa We'll solutiono_freeo f anye xtrocharge. Wouldy ou like a refund? e Addo nes entencteo eachs ectionin t heH owt o box. 1 1 Inp airsc, hooseo neo ft hes ituationisn Ex.9.D oa roleplay inw hichth ec ustomecro mplainasb outh es i tuationU. se thel anguagien theH owt o boxt o helpy ou., bprtslnedfing done *ioutsewices


1 Discuss. Doy ou havea nyp ets?D idy ouu set o havea ny petsw heny ouw erea chi td?l f so,w hicho nes? lf not,w hyn ot? Whatd o yout hinka ret hem ainr easonws hy peoplek eepp ets?D oy out hinki t is a good ideaf orc hi ldretno havep ets?W hy/Whyn ot? Whatc any ous eei n thep hotos? * Readt he textq uicklyW. hicho f the thingsi n the photosa rem ent ioned? reallye xciteda bout:a necklacem ade of fake pearlsw hich cost about €70. 'She doesn't reallyw ear it becausei t seems In some parts of Europea nd the USA, to irritate her;b ut we took some great many pet owners see their cat or dog photos!'saysS ylvia. as a member of the family.I n the UK, Claudettea nd PierreL eroia nd'Mignon': owners spend an amazing€ 4 bil l ion Claudettea nd Pierre live in Parisw ith annuallyo n keepingth errp etsf it,w ell and theirYorkshiret errier; Mignon.B ecause entertainedI.n one surveyi t was found Mignon is a longhairedd og, Claudette that up to forty percento f owners said saysth at it'sn ecessartyo take her to the they boughtg iftsf or their pets,i ncluding hairdresser egularly' l take her to the Christmas and birthday presents. ManionD owdeswelal nd'Pixie'M: arion beautyo arlouro nce a weekto haveh er Owners happilyp ampert heir pets with liveso n her own in EdinburghU,K with increasingly her dog, Pixie.' Pixie fur done.I dont think it 'sa luxuryr eallyl lavish lifestyles,i ncluding really is my best Mignonh asi t washeda nd brusheda nd toys,f urniture,a ccessorieasn d'gourmet' friend,s' aysM arion.'He'ss uch a lovely sometimes cut and even curled. On food. There are also pet psychologists dog and my constantc ompanionI.' d be specialo ccasionsl,i ke her last birthday, for those with problems,p et passports lost without him, so I think I just treat for example,M ignon had the fur from for those who want to travel and a him like I'd treat anyoneI lovel For his the top of the headp ulledb acka ndt ied whole rangeo f serviceso n offer:There lastb irthdayM, arion bought Pixiea bed asa ponytailw, hilet he resto f herf ur was are hundredso f retail outlets offering costingo ver€ 300.S hea dmitst hat it was cut short,' She looked so cute - like a owners a vast array of produds. But too muchm oneyt o spendo n an animal. 'l little Barbied olljsaysC laudetteS. heg etsmany pets have everythingt hey could know it's a bit over-the-top,s' he says, the dog anaesthetisetdo do theset hings ever askf or (or bark for?).Theq uestion 'but he does love it!' Marion sayss he so that she standss tillf or long enough, for many owners now is:w hat do you doesn'to nlyi ndulgeh im on hisb irthday. but Claudettet hinksi t'sw orth it. give to the pet 'doggie that has everything?W e Lastw eek,s heg ot a set of boots' askeds ome owners what their pet got to keep Pixie'sp awsw arm and stop him So,i s all this pet indulgenceg one mad? for hiso r her lastb irthdav. ,, from slippingo n wet ground.'Probablay Or isi t simplys poil inga valuedm ember I luxury but why not occasionally?' of the family? Sylvia and Brad Phillips and family and 'Beauty'T: he Phillipsf amily from CaliforniaU, SA, acquired Beautyt hree yearsa gow hen somef riendse migrated. 'We didn't reallyk now mucha bout dogs then, and at first we didnt know how it would work out,'s aysS ylvia.'Burti ght from the start,s hej ust made our family completea ndt he kidsa dore her:They're alwaysf indingn ew thingst o buy for her: She probably is spoilt but it's fun.'L ast year:t hey got her a present they were,


fj {:t a Readt hefirstp aragrapahg aina ndd ecidei f theses tatements 6 Findt he mistakesin s ix of the aret rue (T),f alse( F)o r we don't know (DK). sentenceasn dc orrecth em. r Britisho wners pend€ 4 billiono nt heirp etse veryy ear. r I 'ven everh adm yh aird ye. z Oneq uarteor f ownersb uyt heirp etsp resents. z I 'veh adm yh ouseb roken 3 Morep etst hanb eforeh avep sychologicparl oblems. intos everatli mes. 4 Someo wnersh avea problemk nowingw hatt o buyf ort heirp ets. 3 | neverm y househ ave - fu Readt he resto f the text.W hich decorated of the fol lowinga pptyt o which | do it myself. peto r pets( orn oneo f them)? 4 | haven'ht adm y eyes test ingfo ra ges. r his/hero wnerb uysh im/herc lothes I'veg ot a lot of things get z to his/hero wnerw ants5tomakeh im/herlo okn ice doingb yt hisw eekend. 3 he/shep rovidefsr iendtcyo mpanfyo r his/hero wner 5 | haved ry-cleanesdo meo f + his/hero wnert akesh im/hero ne xpensivheo l idays myc lothese verym onth. s his/hero wnerk nowsh e/sheis overindulgent7Ireal lyn eedt o havemy6his/hero wnerta kesh im/herto theh airdresser t ra jc: u ts oon. 7 his/hero wnerb uysh im/hetro ysa ndd ot ls 8 'd i :I a Labetlh ep artso ft hea nimalisn the writ ingth en ameo f onea nimailn each.@

picturesu singt hew ordsi n the box.T henl istenrlt'st rues hep aido vefr3 oof oro nep airo f andc hecky oura nswers. shoesI. d idn'itu sth earit froms omeoneels e - shet otdm eh ersellft.w ass traighftr omt he 's fUf fgathers paws hqqves claws tail mouth. wlngs whjskers flns horns beak It 'sm yi obt o tel th imh e'sf ai ledh ise xamI.' ve gott o tel lh imb utI fee[r eal lyb ada bouti t . I ' l l just havet o toket he- by theh ornsa nd

E do it.

Mye yesighht asg ot muchw orse.I can'tr ead thisp r ice[ abeaI t al [ .I needg lassefso r most thingsn owadaysl'.m as blinda so - a withouth em!l My bossw asinabadm oodw ith everyone I yesterdayH. es houteda t anyonew how ent nearh im. Hew asl ike o with o sore head. b Listena ndc hecky oura nswers. 11aWhatd oy out hinkt hee xpressiomnse an? Readth es entenceasg aina ndd iscusisn pairs. b Matchth ee xpressionr-s4 in Ex.roaw itht he correcdt efinitiona -d below. a) to havev eryb ade yesight b) to bei na badt empearn de xtremeitryri table c) ' f i rsth and'informatfiroonm th eo riginal

E-_-_ source

d) to confidendtleya lwitha diff icuottr dangerosuist uation c Choostew oo ft hee xpressioanns dt el[o ther studentasb outa persono r situatiouns ing them. d Doy ouh aves imilaer xpressioinns y our language?,


a Listena ndm atchth ep eoplew ith itemsA -D.O neo f themc annobt eu sed. A Someonaen noying B Someonceo mpletely'over-the-top' C Somethintog b ep roudofDSometh ingembarrass ing b Listena gaina ndm akeb riefn otesa bout eachs tory. c Retelel achs toryw ithy ourp artner. I a Completeh es entencebse loww itht he mosta ppropriawteo rdf romt heb ox.N otallthe2aLooka t the tapescripto n paget 72 and find wordsc anb eu sed. a wordt o matchw i th eachd ef ini t ionb elow. Storyr monologuem onol ingualb icycle r to sleepm oret hany ouh adi ntended biannual mult imediam ult ipurpose overtired overworked undercooked z to thinko r guess underpaid omethinigs less ex-girlfriend thani t is ex-husband reheat rewrite extra-small3aformere mployer extra-strongu ncomfortableu nnecessary Storyz + to go backt o studyinga gaina ndl earnn ew I alwaysf eel slightly unco rtable and silly ski l ls wearinga hat. rl 5 to bea blet o speaktw o languageesq uat lwy ellrThec ompanhyo ldsa big_ conference, 6 descr ibinag c ompantyh ath asoffices, sot hen exto newillb ei n sixm onths' t ime. factoriese, tc.i n manvd ifferenct ountries z Wheny oug oc ampingw, haty oun eedi sa Story good3 _ knifet hatd oese verything. 7 notu suao[ r normal 3 You'iln eedt o uses ome packaginsgo e veryb ig thati t doesn'gt ett orni nt he post. descr ibing 4 Bec a wayo f arefuI speakintgh at thatt hef oodi sounds s hotatlthe9 w ay uninterested through becausiet ' so n onen ote andn eveer at_ meat. 5 | thinkn ursesa re_ especial ly h Looka t the wordsf rom Ex.z a and write the considerinthge a mountth eyg etp aid. appropriatper ef ixesin the table. 6 I 'veo nlys tudiedE ngt isihn myo wnc ountry PREFIXESMEANINGS EXAMPLES whereth ec lasseasr ea [ [ Thet eachehr asa skedm eto_my t mono one/single monolingual essayb ecausIe m isunderstoothde q uest ion 2 twice/two/evertyw o thef i rstt ime. 3 many I stittg eto n wellw ith my event hough 4 moret han I don' ts eeh erm uchn owadays. 5 lesst han 6 former b Listena ndc hecky oura nswers. 7 again 8 very4aWorkw itha partnerC. hoosseo methintgo 9 not talka boutf romt he listi n Ex.r a. Preparteo tell yours toryu singa sm anyo f thew ordsin e Readth er ulea bouth yphensT.h enw riteo ne Exsz. aa nd3 aa sy ouc an. moree xampleo f youro wnf or eachp refixin the b Listento others tudents'storieWsh. icho f tablea bove. thei temsin thel istd oy out hinke acho ft he storiesy ouh eardw asa bout? HyphensW: eu seh yphensO withs ome prefixesi,n cludinge xtra-a nde x-.C heckin a dict ionariyf y oua reu nsure., a In pairsc, omplettehe2aWhicho f the sentencesw ould you expectt o heari n a) a wordm apsf ore acho f restaurantb, ) a shoes hop,c ) a hairdresser? the placesin the pictures. r ld l iket o tryt heseo n,p lease. Includaes m anyw ordsaszI' l [h avet hegriltedtu na,p lease. youc anw hicha rer elatedto a cut andb low-dry? eachp lace. I Just 4 I'veg ot btacki n size3 8, but not in 39. waiter 5 Rarep, lease. 6 I'da lsol ikes omeh ighlightsd one. z A bottleo f the houser ed,p lease. 8 Theyl ookr eallyn iceo n you.H owd o theyf eel? 9 l'd liket o booka n appointment. knife ro We'reo fferinga ll customeras n Indianh eadm assage. u Web ookeda tablef or two in the nameo f Morrison. clothess hop/ b Listent o threec onversationasn d numbert he sentencesin the orderyou shoe hearshop t hem. 3 a Inp airsc, hooseo neo f thes ituationfsro mt het isteningL.o oka t thet apescripotn paget 7z andu nderlinaen yi mportanpt hrases. h Roleplatyh es i tuatiouns ingth ei deasfr omt hel isteninagn d youro wni deas. 4 a Looka t thet ablea ndn oted owns omem oret hingst hatp eople complaianb outin t het hreep laces. RESTAURANT SHOE/CLOTHSEHSO P HAIRDRESSER tattort Foodi s undercooked Shoesa re dirty Cutt oo short Seruicei s slow Button is missing Dyedw rongc olour b Comparyeo urw ordsw ith b Inp airsc, hoosae differenptl acea ndd ecideo no neo rt wo others tudents. thingsto complaianb outR. oleplatyh es i tuation., ilh A assop aintingw ass oldbyawealthyb usinessman nouns Iastw eek. Wec anu set hep assivien anyt ensea ndw ithm odal Countablneo unsa rew ordsl ikeb ananah, otel.They verbs. canu sea singulaorr pluraflo rmo ft hev erb. Formv erbt o be + pastp articiple That'so lovelyh otel! Weh oven'tb eeng ivent hee xamr esultyse t. Uncountabnleo unsa rew ordsl ikef ood,i nformation, equipmenTt.h eyu sea singulafro rmo f thev erb. Thereis n'tm uchfo odI Commounn countabnleo uns: Formh ave( org et)+ object+ pastp articiple accommodatiaodnv, iceb,e havioubrr,e ad, Uset he structureto have( org et)s omethingd one: equipmenfto, od,f urnitureh,e althi,n formation, to talka bouta rranginfgo r somethintgo bed oneb y knowledgelu, ggagen,e wsr, esearchs,a lt,s paghetti, someonel se traffict,r avelt,r oublew, aterw, eatherw, ork I havem yh air d oncee verys ixm onths. Commono unsw hichc anb ec ountabloer to talka bouth ingsth ath appento uso rt o describe uncountable: an'experience' chickenc,h ocolatec,o ffeee, gg,g lassh, air,ir on, I hodm yb ikes tolenla stw eek. paperr,o oms, pacet,im e,w ine Thereis anotheur seo f gef + objec+t pastp articiple Youc anu se:a /an,f ew,a few,s ome,a ny,m any,a lot (NOTh ave)w hichi s usedt o mean'f inishd oing of,l otso f, beforec ountablneo uns. something'. I haven'tr oasteda nyp otatoes. I needt o getm yh omewordko ne. Youc anu se:l iffle,a little,s ome,o ny,m uch,a lot of, lotso f, beforeu ncountabnleo uns. There Key vocabularywasn'tm ucht raffict hism orning. Excess few/af ew andl ittle/a littlel 'a') extravaganet xcessive Few (without a luxury extra-large andl iffle areu sedt o talk about to spoiIs omeoneo verpricedf ar-fetched negativied eas. to goo na spendinsgp ree She'sg ot fewf riendsa ndi s quitel onely. Fooda ndc ooking He'sg ot littlem oneya ndc on'ta fforda newc ar. a saucepana fry ingp an a woodensp oon A few anda littlea reu sedt o talka boutm ore ano ven a cooker a cook a plate a dish positiveid eas. a recipe sweet savoury bitter satty sour l've got rare a raw biscuits you to bake to roast few left.W ould to scrambte fry likeo ne? to to gritt to boil to stir to beat to slice CouldI havet ea witho little milk,p leose? to chop to grate beef cabbage parsley a peach a vegetablea vegetarian

Passives Verbp hrasesa boutm oney

to bidf ors omethingt o hagglefo rs We omethingc anu sea ctivec onstructionwsh ent hes ubjecits to geta bargain to geta discount thep ersono rt hingt hatd oest hea ction. to geta refund to geta receipt I boughta reallyf antasticp artyd resso n eBay. to bea blet o affords omethingt o bew orthi t Wec anu sep assivceo nstructions: Animalsa nda nimale xpressions whenw hoo rw hatc ausetsh ea ctionis unknowonr dog cat butl horse bear bat fish whale unimportant duck eagle fly spider fur feathers paws when hooves wew ant claws to putn ew tait wings informatioonr whiskers longer f in hornsbeak straighftr omt heh orse's expressions mouthlateri nt hes entence to bea sb linda sa bat Weo ftenu sep assiveco nstructionins w ritingo r in to bet ikea bearw itha soreh ead morefo rmatspeecThh. ep assivies c ommoinn news to taket heb ullb yt heh orns storiess,c ienti f iacn da cademwicriting. Prefixes Thed og wasf oundt hreed oysa fteri t wentm issing. oversleepu ndercookede x-boss retrain Alsou set he passivwe hent heo biecot f thea ctive bit ingualm ul t inat ionauI nusuaIe xtra-[arge sentenciest hem ainf ocusU. seb yto sayw hod id monotonous thea ction., Choosteh ec orrecatl ternatives. t ?**x*eY ,,l : ..:,1.,,.,,trtt,,t .,;,rt Couldy oug ivem ea n/somein formatioanb out ves) ?,, t raint imesp lease? li, 2 l'veg ot two largep ieceso f luggage/uggoges. t 3 Howm ony/muchfu rnitureh avey ou got in your i:, 7*t**r3&7 l iv ingr oom? Hariocuf (& highiights) X' I Sar't^'t" i:1, 4 Then ewsi s/area lways o depressing. eafiel *i*eJs (1ivi'ngo oo''r) - befweeh i ,':,l. 5 He'sb eend oingo/somere searchin tog lobal a*\)" ?:9"r"'- ?: warming. * e worfch fo repariv shop /our'f Norgefi ti:, Therew ereo nlyf ew/af ew peopleth erew henr L arrived. l'd likeo /somes ticeo f toastw ithi ama nda n orangeiu ice,p lease. CanI givey oua n/somea dvicea boutr evising for youre xam? Completeh es entenceuss ingth ec orrectte nse 4: Chooseth e correcta lternative. of a verbf romt he boxi n the passivefo rm. r I don' tr eal ly[ i kec ookedc arrotsI. m uchp refer them rare/row/roast. catch charge del iver employ include z l'ved ecidedt o bid fromlfor/att hat table I told open repair send youa bout. 3 f6o is too muchf or that bag.l t 'sr eallyn ot r Service in thebitts oV oud on' tn eed vaIue/ offor d/ u orthit. to leavea tio. 4 | won'tb el ieveh e'sg ott hej ob unt i lI hearit2| _some f lowersy esterdabyutIdon' t straighftr omt he cat'slbull'syhorsmeo3u th. knoww hot hey'refr om. 5 I 'mt akingm yd ogt o thev etb ecaushee c uth is I Theg oodsth aty ouo rdered_ next hoof/paw/cloounl someb rokeng lass. Friday. 6 Thes oundo nt hisC Di s real lys trangeT.a keit4Myc arb roked ownl astw eek.lt_at the backa nd geta discount/refund/receipt. moment . 7 Beforey ou roastp otatoes,y ou shoutdb oke/ 5 Don'tu set hem edicinief thep acket beathoi l themfo rt enm inutes. atreadv. 8 She'sl ike a batheorlbullw ith a soreh ead6lt'su nt ikeltyh att he robbers todayS. he'sa l readys houteda t met wice. 7 | wasa nnoyedb ecausew e_ for a bottle of winew ed idn' th ave. Completeth e wordsw i th the mosta ppropriate 8 Shew ass ackeda f ters he byt hat prefix. companyfo r overf ifteeny ears. r Thec hi ldren eeda ne artyn ightT. heya retireda ndr atherirritable. Looka t parto f Ti l ly 'sd iarya ndi magineth atzltal lt ooka lot longetrh anI expected| . todayi s Tuesday _andi t 'sr .3op.mW. r i te est imatetdh et imeb ys everahl ours. sentencesa boutw hat sheh od done,i s having done and will 3 Shet alksi n sucha have done. boringa nd_ tonous voicet hatI iustf et la sleep.' , i | . ' : i , , , .1 ! iri, : , . , t : , , : : ' : i r ' . ' . ; : ' : : f t : " : ' .a i ; r . td j : i : : : ! ; j . j . 4 I'veb eena teachefro r ten yearsb ut I've 7 decidedto _train asa computetre chnician. 2 We'ved ecidedto havea schoorle unione very 3 twoy earsa ndm akeita_ennial event. 4 Thec lassroomasr ee xtremelmy oderna nd 5 havea [ [t hel ates_t media equipment. 6 Wheny ou_ heat food,y oun eedt o make suret haty oug eti t hote nough. 8 She'sg ota very_ usua[ nameI. wonder wherei t comesfr om.]

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