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04-12527M ™ ™ ™ Table of Contents Story ..2 Installation ..4 Menu Navigation ..5 Game Objectives ..6 Running the Game ..6 Heads Up Display (HUD) ..12 Controls ..15 Database ..18 Technical Support ..28 Credits ..29 Software License Agreement ..30 Default Keyboard Controls ..41 ™ ™ Story This is the best part: the anticipation. Slowly, laboriously, but insistently, You know from experience that trying to break through the plasma gate you ascend toward the boundless turquoise sky. As the struggling will only result in frustration and a nasty headache. If this bucket is coaster reaches the peak of...
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04-12527M ™ ™ ™,

Table of Contents

Story ..2 Installation ..4 Menu Navigation ..5 Game Objectives ..6 Running the Game ..6 Heads Up Display (HUD) ..12 Controls ..15 Database ..18 Technical Support ..28 Credits ..29 Software License Agreement ..30 Default Keyboard Controls ..41 ™ ™,


This is the best part: the anticipation. Slowly, laboriously, but insistently, You know from experience that trying to break through the plasma gate you ascend toward the boundless turquoise sky. As the struggling will only result in frustration and a nasty headache. If this bucket is coaster reaches the peak of the hill, you raise your hands above your going down, I am not going to die like a caged rat in this stinking cell, head in defiance of your frantically pounding heart. Time, and the you tell yourself. I’ve got to get to the emergency shuttle. entire world, stands still for a moment. And then… Just then, the cell blocks head guard pauses outside of your cell to Wooosh! Toward the ground you plummet, the sky you faced a scrawl something in his ever-present log book. moment ago now at your back. The coaster trembles as it races “Hey Ash, what the hell’s going on!?” downward and the air fills with the delighted screams of those around you. You close your eyes and drink in the feeling of pure, “What do you thinks going on genius? We’re going down. Now shut rapturous freedom that engulfs you. your yap and strap yourself in.” Crash! Your eyes snap open as you are pitched violently from your bed “Are you insane? Turn off the gates! Let us get to the shuttle!” onto the cold metal floor of your cell. The ship is trembling and the air Ash’s smirk and amused snort before he walks away fill you with is filled with the screams and shouts of the prisoners in the cells almost enough rage to burst right through the plasma gate and tear around you. As you gather your senses, you quickly remember where his head off. you really are. The Vortex Rikers. The rankest prison transport vessel “Ash! Ash, open the damn gates! Don’t leave us in here! Wait a this side of the Milky Way, and the furthest thing in the universe from minute! Open the friggin’ gates you son of a—” the freedom in your dreams. A tremendous jolt rocks the ship and sends you hurtling across the But somethings not right. Emergency lights are flashing on and off in cell into the rear wall. You feel the sickening introduction of bone to the walkway beyond your cell. A sulfurous, burning odor invades your iron, and then, nothing at all. nostrils and stings your eyes. You pick yourself up off the ground, holding onto the iron bed frame for balance as the floor shudders ————— beneath you. Looking through the plasma-gated entryway of your Later—perhaps hours, perhaps days—you wake up. Your body is bat- cell, you see guards and officials running up and down the walkway tered and dehydrated, but somehow, you have survived the crash. like frantic worker ants. The plasma gate is disabled. Beyond the entryway of your cell, free- “Hey, what the hell’s going on!?” you shout. dom beckons. But your voice is lost among the shouts of your fellow prisoners and But where are you? Has anyone else survived? And what awaits you the wailing of the ship’s alert siren. The ants tripping over each other beyond the confines of the crumpled Rikers? There’s only one way to in the walkway don’t even glance at you. find out, you say to yourself. Slowly, laboriously, but insistently, you emerge from your cell… 2 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 3,


1 Quit all other applications and insert the Unreal CD into your • Game Content: Select this component to install all game CD-ROM drive. content onto your hard drive, which requires 450 megabytes of 2 If Windows® 95 is set up to use the CD AutoPlay feature, Unreal free space. Select this for optimal performance. If you will automatically display its installation screen, shortly after you deselect this option, the game content will be loaded from CD insert the CD. If AutoPlay is disabled, you will need to start the each time you play, degrading performance. installation manually. To do this, double click on the My • DirectX: Installs Microsoft’s DirectX drivers for optimal render- Computer icon, then double click on the CD-ROM icon in the ing performance, audio support and joystick support. This window that opens. Double click on the Setup.exe file to start component is optional, but highly recommended if you do the installation. not already have it installed. 3 Go through the installation screens to install Unreal 8 Kiss your bland reality goodbye. on your computer. You will be presented with several installation screens.

Menu Navigation

4 The first screen welcomes you to Unreal. Use your keyboard to move through, select and change the 5 The next screen is the license agreement. Click yes after options in the various on-screen menus in Unreal. Use the up you have read it. and down arrow keys to move from option to option and use 6 The third screen enables you to pick a directory on your hard the right and left arrow keys to change an option. In most drive where Unreal will be installed. You need to have 100 instances, a brief explanation of the currently highlighted option megabytes of space available for a minimum install, and 450 will appear at the bottom of the menu screen. Hit the Esc key at megabytes for full install. any time to back out of an option or menu. 7 The next screen presents you with a list of Unreal components which may be installed. You may choose from the following items: • Unreal World Builder: Optional, for advanced users. Install this if you want to use the Unreal team’s 3D design tool to build your own 3D environments. • Unreal Engine: The Unreal game engine; installation is required. 4 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 5,

Game Objectives Game

Here you choose whether you want to start a new game, save a Your primary objective in Unreal is to discover how to get off this game in progress, or load a previously saved game. hostile, deadly world. In order to do this, the first thing you’ll need to concern yourself with is how to keep your already bat- New Game tered body in one piece (failure to achieve this objective will ren- When you start a New Game, you will need der any secondary objectives somewhat irrelevant). Beyond that, it to choose a skill level. Skill level influences is up to you to uncover the secrets of the planet that fate has how many monsters you will encounter and capriciously deposited you on. how fast and aggressive they will be, as well Several Universal Translators were stowed aboard the Rikers, as your health and power. and carried by many of the guards. Finding a Translator is vital to Easy: This level is for those who have a tough your survival! The Translator can analyze and interpret many of time handling reality, let alone Unreality. the objects, devices and inscriptions on the planet. It will frequent- ly reveal valuable information and help you figure out many of Medium: Probably the best level to get your the planet’s mysteries. (see p. 13 for more information about how feet wet in before you’re ready to swim with the to use your Translator.) Devilfish. Hard: If shortness of breath, dizziness and heart rates over 200 bpm are your idea of a good time, choose this level.

Running the Game

Unreal: Survive this level and join the the Unreal elite. To run Unreal, double-click the Unreal icon on your desktop or in your Start menu to launch the game and bring up the Load Game Main Menu. Select Load Game to bring up a list of games that you have pre- viously saved. Select any one of the games from this list with the

Main Menu arrow keys and hit Enter to continue the game from the point

The Main Menu will appear on your screen each time you you were at when you last saved. You can also restart from the launch Unreal. You can also access the Main Menu at any time beginning of the current level with all the stuff you brought from during the game by pressing the Esc key. From the Main Menu, previous levels. you can choose: • Game: Start a new game, load or save a game, or set Save Game game options. Select Save Game to save a game in progress to any one of the • Multiplayer: Host, join or setup players for a network nine available storage slots. You can save your game to an or Internet game. empty slot or overwrite a slot occupied by a game you want to • Options: Customize your game controls, set sound prefer- erase. Unreal will automatically generate a name for your game ences, and change your gameplay and interface options. with the name of the level you are playing and the date and • Quit: Return to reality. time the game was saved. 6 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 7, Game Options • Max Players: Determines the maximum number of players Adjust the Game Speed (which controls the speed of player, mon- allowed to join your game. ster, and object movement) to a level that is comfortable for you. • Co-op Weapon Mode: When enabled, weapons respawn When you first start playing Unreal, you may want to slow the (reappear on screen after being picked up) instantly, but can speed down a bit until you are familiar enough with the controls only be picked up once by any given player. and game mechanics to play at full speed. • Exiting Allowed: When exiting is allowed, players are able See the readme.txt file for information on configuring to change the level being played by passing through an exit. Advanced Options. If exiting is disabled, only the game’s host can change the level being played.

Multiplayer • Advanced Options: See the readme.txt file for information

Unreal is designed for multiplayer competition over a network or on configuring Advanced Options. the Internet. The Multiplayer Menu lets you Start (host) or Join a multiplayer game, and customize Player Setup. Join Game Select Join Game to enter a multiplayer game hosted by a Start Game remote server. See the readme.txt file for more information about Select Start Game to host a multiplayer game. This will bring joining a multiplayer game. up the Multiplayer Options Menu which will allow you to customize your game. Player Setup The Player Setup menu lets you customize a character for multi- Select Game: Choose the type of multiplayer game you want to player games. See the readme.txt file for more information about play. Refer to the readme.txt file for detailed information about customizing a character for multiplayer games. each of these game types. Select Folder: Select the folder where the game map you want BOTS to play is stored. Finished Unreal? In all the skill levels? Can’t find a worthy multi- Select Map: Select the map you want to use for your game. player opponent online? Need to fine tune your awe-inspiring Configure Game: Modify your game options. Unreal fighting skills? Well, try squaring off against the Unreal Bots, and get a free lesson in humility. • Game Speed: Adjusts the speed of player, monster, and object movement. The Unreal Bots are highly intelligent, computer-controlled • Frag Limit: Sets the number of kills a player needs to rack Deathmatch opponents. Their skill levels can range from impres- up to win. sive to downright frightening, and they are generally much harder to kill than the regular monsters in Unreal. • Time Limit: Determines how long the game will last. Whoever has the most kills when the time limit is reached wins the game. 8 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 9,


To start a Bot game: Music Volume: Use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the 1. Select Multiplayer from the Main Menu. volume of the background music. 2. Select Start Game. Sound Volume: Use the left and right arrow keys to adjust • The Select Game field should be: "Deathmatch Game" the volume of the sound effects. (default). • Select Folder should be: your Deathmatch folder (default is Mouse Sensitivity: This determines how sensitive the game’s "DeathmatchMaps"). mouse controls are to the movement of your mouse. The higher • Select Map should be: the Deathmatch map in which you'd the sensitivity, the less you have to move the mouse to produce like to get your butt kicked. a given motion in the game. 3. Select Configure Game after setting up the above. Invert Mouse: This option flip-flops your mouse’s Y-axis so • Use the Number of Bots field to choose how many Bots that pushing the mouse forward causes you to look down and you want in your multiplayer level (you'll need at least pulling back makes you look up (similar to the operation of an one, or you will be very lonely!). airplane’s throttle). • Set Standalone Game to "True." LookSpring: When this option is enabled, your view will • Select Configure Bots to setup the characteristics of your automatically return to straight ahead whenever you let go computer-controlled opponents. You can alter the appear- of the MouseLook key. ance (mesh type and skin), aggressiveness, and combat style of each of the Bots you will fight against. Always MouseLook: When this option is enabled, you can 4. After configuring your game, select Launch Game from the use your mouse to look up and down without pressing a multiplayer menu. MouseLook key. Note: In addition to playing against the Bots solo, you can also add Auto-Slope Look: When enabled, this option causes your view Bots to Internet and network multiplayer games: just to automatically adjust to look up and down slopes and stairs set the Standalone Game field to "False," and have when you are not MouseLooking. your friends join your multiplayer game as usual. Weapon Hand: Determines which hand you carry your weapon in. Dodging: If you enable this option, you will execute a fast dodge move whenever you rapidly tap twice on one of the movement keys (forward, back, strafe left and strafe right). Customize Controls: Here you can customize the configuration of your keyboard, mouse and joystick controls. 10 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 11, Prioritize Weapons: Use this option to rearrange your weapon switching order (the order in which a new active weapon is selected when you pick up new weapons, or run out of ammo). Hit Enter to bring up a list of all weapons and their current arrangement. Use the up and down arrows to highlight a weapon and use the left and right arrows to move a weapon up or down, respectively, in the order. The higher a weapon is in the list, the greater its priority in the switching order. HUD Configuration: Your HUD (Heads Up Display) is com- posed of all of the on-screen indicators, status meters and icons that appear on your screen during the game. You can rearrange the way your HUD displays these items to suit your preferences. Default HUD shown Use the left and right arrows to cycle through the available Heads Up Display configurations. 1 Armor Icon Displays any armor or defense-boosting equipment you are View Bob: Determines how much your view bobs up and down currently wearing. when you walk or run. This is strictly a visual effect and has no impact on gameplay. 2 Armor Level Indicator Indicates your current level of armor protection, from 0-300. 3 Inventory Icon Bar

Heads Up Display Displays all of the items you have in your inventory. Use the

(HUD) bracket keys [ ] on your keyboard to select an item. The cur- During the game, a variety of on-screen indicators, status meters, rently selected item is bounded by a white box. Use the Enter icons and messages will keep you abreast of important informa- key to activate an item. Activated items are highlighted in red. tion and situations. Together, these informational aids comprise Press the Enter key a second time to deactivate an your Heads Up Display (HUD). Keep an eye on your HUD to item. See p. 20 for a list of Inventory Items stay in touch with the small details that may end up saving your and their functions. life. Remember, an aware player is a living player. 4 Health Status Indicator Displays your current health status, from 0-200. At 200, you’re in full bloom. At zero, you’re fertilizer. 12 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 13, 5 Ammo Amount Indicator Controls Indicates how much ammo you have remaining in your currently armed weapon. Running 6 Ammo Type Icon The hostile world in Unreal doesn’t afford you a whole lot of opportunity for leisurely strolling. So, by default, your character Indicates the type of ammo currently in use. will run (well, trot briskly really) whenever you use your move- 7 Ammo Meter ment keys. Depending on how you have your controls config- Indicates how much ammo you have left for each weapon ured, you will use the arrow keys or your mouse to move you currently possess (the higher the bar, the more ammuni- around. Use the up arrow and down arrows to move forward tion remaining). The number at the top of each column corre- and back. Turn left or right using the comma and period keys, sponds to the keyboard key each weapon is assigned to. or by moving your mouse in the desired direction. 8 Messages Walking Text messages appear at the top of the screen as warranted In situations where caution, precision, or stealth are required, it by specific occurrences and situations. may be to your advantage to tread more cautiously. In these Whenever you pick up a new weapon instances, hold down the assigned walk key to move precisely or item, for instance, a message will and silently. appear to let you know what it is. Looking Around If you are not using the MouseLook option, use the assigned keyboard keys to look up and down. If the MouseLook option is enabled, your view will move along with the movement of your mouse. Picking Things Up Picking objects up in Unreal is a simple matter of running over them. Any object you run over will automatically be added to your inventory or put into use, depending on the object. If you already have the maximum allowed number of an object, or cannot use an object, you will not pick it up when you run over it. Opening Doors In most instances, you open doors simply by running into them. There will be times however when doors are locked and require a key, or that a certain action be performed before they can be opened. 14 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 15,

DefaultKeyboard Controls

Note: Some of the doors and lifts in the game are automatically UP ARROW: MOVE FORWARD activated when they detect your motion or body heat as you DOWN ARROW: MOVE BACKWARD approach them. If you have trouble activating one of these < STRAFE LEFT > STRAFE RIGHT sensor-controlled devices, move back to reset the sensor and LEFT ARROW: TURN LEFT approach the door or lift again. RIGHT ARROW: TURN RIGHT MOUSE MOVEMENT: ROTATE PLAYER Pushing Things CTRL/LEFT MOUSE BUTTON: PRIMARY FIRE To push objects, buttons, switches and levers, run straight into ALT/RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON: ALTERNATE FIRE SPACE: JUMP the object you want to interact with. If the object can be moved 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0: CHANGE WEAPON or interacted with, this will take place automatically. /: SWITCH TO NEXT AVAILABLE WEAPON F5: CHANGE HUD Shooting – ,+ : RESIZE GAME WINDOW To use your weapon’s Primary Fire function, tap the Ctrl key [ AND ]: SCROLL THROUGH INVENTORY : ACTIVATE INVENTORY or the left mouse button. For Secondary Fire, tap the Alt key SHIFT: TOGGLE RUN or right mouse button. For continuous fire, and other enhanced F2: ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE TRANSLATOR firing functions, keep the fire key depressed. See Weapons on : PAUSE THE GAME p.18 for detailed descriptions of each weapon’s Primary and DEATHMATCH KEYBOARD CONTROLS Secondary Fire functions. F: FEIGN DEATHT: THROW WEAPON Jumping F4: BRING UP SCOREBOARD TAB COMMANDS To jump, tap the Space bar. If you jump while running, you (Press tab to enter the following command during multiplay) will jump farther and in whatever direction you are moving. Say - message is sent out to all players Taunt Taunt1 - plays taunt 1 animation Strafing Taunt Victory1 - plays Victory 1 animationTaunt Wave - plays wave animation Strafing, or moving laterally, is performed by pressing the left and right arrow keys. Learning how to strafe effectively to NOTE: This chart is duplicated at the back of the manual for easy reference. dodge enemy fire is a vital survival skill.

Using the Mouse

Swimming (and why you should!) When in deep water, use the movement keys to swim just as you would to run. Look down and move forward to swim down, Although you can rely solely on your keyboard to move around and look up and move forward to swim toward the water’s sur- in and interact with Unreal's 3-D universe, using both the key- face. Unless you are wearing Scuba Gear, you need to make sure board and mouse simultaneously gives you much more fluid and you come up for air from time to time or you will drown. Hold responsive control. down your jump key to tread water. When you use the mouse to control your rotational movement and aiming, you gain a degree of precision and speed that players using keyboard-only controls can't touch. The keyboard is best used for 16 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 17, easy lateral and forward/backward movement, and for jumping. Stinger To master the default controls in Unreal, keep your left hand on Proving that hostility is the mother of invention, the keyboard, using the arrow keys for movement, the 0-9 keys the Stinger is actually a Tarydium mining tool for weapon selection, and the space bar for jumping. Your right converted to a deadly weapon. In primary fire hand operates the mouse, controlling rotation, aiming, and firing. mode, this weapon demands a relatively high Of course, you can customize these controls to suit your prefer- degree of marksmanship, but the wider projec- ences via the Options Menu. tile spread of the secondary fire mode requires considerably less precision.

Database Primary Fire: Fast, narrow stream of Tarydium


Weapons Secondary Fire: Spurt of five shards at once,

Dispersion Pistol slow reload. This is the standard issue weapon of the guards ASMD aboard the Vortex Rikers. While not particularly If the compressed energy in the core of this powerful in its standard configuration, this gun weapon was released all at once, the resulting becomes a virtual death cannon when super- force would be enough to bring down a large charged with powerups. The Dispersion Pistol building. The comparatively small energy bursts automatically regenerates its infinite ammo released with each squeeze of the ASMD’s trig- supply, so you will never be defenseless with ger are still more than enough to put a world of this weapon in your arsenal. hurt on most targets. Primary Fire: Initially, low-power, high- Primary Fire: Lightning-fast burst of focused illumination energy projectile (can be useful energy. for lighting up dark areas). Very destructive Secondary Fire: Unstable energy projectile, when supercharged with powerups. expands radially. Rumors of a combination Secondary Fire: Projectile energy is charged attack persist… up (to 500 percent) as the fire button is held down. 8-Ball Launcher The weapon of choice for the demolitionist at AutoMag heart. The 8-ball launcher fires both rockets and This easy to handle gun uses gun-powder-based grenades, singly or up to six at once. Rockets bullets (in dual clips of 10) for ammunition. Try explode on contact, while grenades explode two to keep track of how many bullets you have left to three seconds after they are launched. Center in a clip: attempting to change clips with a your aim on your target to initiate the 8-ball pissed off Skaarj in your face is not advised. launcher’s heat-seeking lock. Primary Fire: Traditional carriage, accurate, slow. Primary Fire: Rocket launcher. Hold down fire Secondary Fire: “Gangsta”-style sideways car- button to load multiple rockets. To fire rockets riage, less accurate, much faster rate of fire. 18 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 19, in a tight circle, press both primary fire and sec- Secondary Fire: Hold down the secondary fire but- ondary fire simultaneously and release the pri- ton to launch a larger, more powerful glob of sludge. mary fire button as rockets are loading. The longer you hold down the secondary fire button, Secondary Fire: Grenade Launcher. Hold down the bigger the glob (up to 500% sludge). fire button to load multiple grenades. Assault Rifle Flak Cannon Commonly referred to as the “Pocket Howitzer,” The somewhat cumbersome Flak Cannon uses this five-foot-long blaster packs an incredible jagged shards of metal for ammunition. Don’t let wallop. Formerly used as a hunting rifle in the its lack of pyrotechnic flash fool you: a little farthest reaches of the galaxy, it was useful for shrapnel can dish out a hell of a lot of damage. taking down the biggest game. Primary Fire: Extremely fast spray of shrapnel, Primary Fire: Long range, very powerful, accurate. which ricochet off walls, ceilings and floors. Secondary Fire: Triple burst of slugs, less accu- rate, best used in close quarters. Secondary Fire: Large shrapnel-filled shell explodes on impact, spraying shrapnel in all MiniGun directions. Like the Automag, the MiniGun uses gunpowder- based bullets for ammo. However, it has a much RazorJack faster rate of fire and a much greater ammo capacity. This Skaarj weapon fires large, spinning, serrated Primary Fire: Steady stream of bullets, blades capable of slicing through all but the fast, accurate. toughest materials. The blades can alter their Secondary Fire: More rapid, but less accurate pitch and roll in accordance with transmitted stream of bullets. motion signals from the RazorJack, giving them limited guidance. Inventory Items Primary Fire: Single blades that ricochet off Inventory items are carried with you and activated when you are walls, ceilings and floors. ready to use them. Use the bracket keys [ ] on your keyboard to Secondary Fire: Skilled users can employ eng- select an item visible on your Inventory Icon Bar. The currently lish to alter the trajectory of blades after they selected item is bounded by a white box. Use the Enter key to leave the weapon. activate an item. Activated items are highlighted in red. Press the Enter key a second time to deactivate an item. GESBioRifle Universal Translator A testament to creative recycling, this weapon Provides you with vital information, clues and hints uses volatile Tarydium waste for ammunition. about the game. Whenever you encounter an item The highly unstable nature of this waste the Translator can analyze and interpret, a message makes the GESBioRifle more powerful than will display on your screen and your Translator icon its Tarydium-using cousin, the Stinger. will begin to flash. Hit F2 to activate your translator Primary Fire: Tarydium sludge projectiles explode and read its analysis. Hit F2 again to deactivate the on contact with living tissue and adhere to most Translator when you are done. other surfaces for a short time before exploding. 20 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 21, Jump Boots Amplifier Activating the boots enables you to jump much Dramatically increases the power of energy higher than normal. Once picked up, the Boots weapons (Dispersion Pistol and ASMD). only last for a short period of time, so take advan- tage of them while you can. Scuba Gear Dampener Gives you the ability to breathe while underwater. Deadens the sound emitted from your weapons, making it much easier to launch sneak attacks. Searchlight Flare Functions like a flashlight, but has a nearly Provides temporary light in dark areas when lit and inexhaustible power supply. tossed on the ground. You cannot hold onto a lit flare. Use a flare to add a temporary light to an area. Nali Fruit Seed Flashlight Plant one of these to grow a Nali Healing Fruit. Use a flashlight when you need to carry your light Once the plant grows to full size, it can give you a source with you. Flashlights have limited battery 29-unit health boost. If you eat the plant before it is life however, so keep an eye on the power meter. fully grown, your health gain will be less substantial. Voice Box Force Field Creates a sound diversion to distract your enemies. Creates a temporary impenetrable barrier. Useful for blocking entryways and narrow corridors, and for use as a protective shield. Invisibility Pickup Items Makes you temporarily invisible. But remember, Unlike Inventory Items, Pickup Items are activated or put into use even the wind can be heard. as soon as you pick them up. For this reason, it is often wise to leave a Pickup Item on the ground and come back to pick it up when you need to use it. Bandages These provide limited healing (+5 units of health), but do little to reverse the effects of major damage. 22 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 23, Nali Healing Fruit Kevlar Suit This native plant has natural healing properties. Works in conjunction with Armor to provide even When eaten, it can give you a 29-unit health greater protection from damage. boost. In multiplayer games, Nali Healing Fruits re-grow soon after they are picked. Superhealth Anti-Toxin Suit Boosts your health by 100 units. Don’t waste Prevents damage from Tarydium waste pools, and Superhealth by using it when you are close to full other toxic areas. health (200 units). Wait until you need a big health boost before you pick it up. (Note: you can not exceed 100 health without one of these.) Note: All protective suits increase your overall resistance to any Armor sort of damage to some degree. Like armor, protective suits You will find many different types of armor become weaker as they absorb damage. throughout the game, all of which increase your resistance to damage from weapons and impact. Creatures Certain types of armor provide better protection from certain forms of attack. The more damage Following are just some of the creatures that inhabit the world of your armor absorbs the weaker it becomes. Keep Unreal. Unfortunately, all current information was transcribed an eye on your Armor Level Indicator to see how from the mangled diary of a former member of the Vortex Rikers much strength your armor has left. Once your crew. As such, it is sketchy at best. In addition, it is believed that armor level reaches zero, the armor no longer there are different “ranks” and/or genetic mutations of some of the offers you any protection. creatures listed, and there appears to be communication among the various species and some type of hierarchy among them .Asbestos Suit Needless to say, you would be wise use caution at all times. Provides resistance to fire and heat damage. Skaarj Height: 8’ Weight: 375 lbs. Weapons: Blade-like claws; projectile Characteristics: Extremely aggressive; superior agility; ruthless and cunning Instinctive hunters with extraordinary physical strength and the ability to use numerous weapons. Their huge retractable claws can liter- ally slice their prey to pieces. To make matters worse, there are many types of Skaarj. And some of them wear armor. 24 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 25, Slith BRUTE Height: 12’ Weight: 385 lbs. Height: 9’ Weight: 650 lbs. Weapons: Claws; acid spit Weapons: Two arm-mounted guns Characteristics: Very aggressive; Characteristics: Very aggressive; poor agility; average agility; flesh eater durable/relentless These amphibious cousins of the Skaarj, are Engineered with love by the Skaarj for one pur- deadly both on land and in the water. If they pose: carnage. Your best chance for survival can’t reach you with their razor-sharp claws, against these massive killing machines is to take watch out for their flesh-eating acid spit. advantage of their poor agility. Mercenary TITAN Height: 6’ Weight: 250 lbs. Height: 30’ Weight: 15-16 tons Weapons: Forearm-mounted machine Weapons: Hurled rocks; powerful arms gun/missile launcher Characteristics: Very aggressive; Characteristics: Very aggressive; high agility; poor agility; extremely durable looter/soldier Galaxy-roving bio-engineered The colossal Titan looks nothing short of hunters with a lust for wealth. unstoppable, and he’s a little tougher than he There may be a humanoid beneath all of that looks. The wise will avoid him when possible. If circuitry, but the only way to find out is to blast avoidance is not an option, don’t stand in one your way through it. spot very long and stay out of his reach. KRALL NALI Height: 7’ Weight: 285 lbs. Height: 8’ Weight: 165 lbs. Weapons: Concussion staff; melee and projectile Weapons: Limited telekinetic ability Characteristics: Very aggressive; Characteristics: Very passive; shy/timid; superior agility; military/martial occasionally helpful Employed by the Skaarj as hunting assistants. Former benevolent rulers of the planet, now Somewhat limited in intelligence, but then enslaved by the Skaarj. If you are fortunate, mindless slaughter doesn’t require a whole lot they may grace you with some valuable infor- of thought. Their concussion staffs can blast mation about your surroundings. you backward from a considerable distance. 26 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 27,


The Unreal CD and manual contains advertisements and/or materials associated with several other products and services for which you can enjoy your Unreal product. GT Interactive Software or Epic do not provide Technical Support for any of these products or services. For the prod- Development Team ucts or services included on the CD, please consult the associated Readme.txt files (if applicable) for determining your technical support options. Game design: James Schmalz & Cliff Bleszinski In addition, there is a beta version of the upcoming Unreal Level Editor included on the CD. The final version of the Editor will be released Level designers: Cliff Bleszinski, T. Elliot Cannon, Cedric Fiorentino, as a separate product along with its own manual and additional features. Because the enclosed beta version is not the final version of the Editor, it may contain bugs or glitches which may affect the successful creation and operation of levels and other functions. This beta Pancho Eekels, Jeremy War, Shane Caudle version of the Editor has been included to show the potential of the final version of the Editor. Technical support is not available from Animator: Dave Carter GT or Epic for the beta version of the Editor.

Artists: James Schmalz, Mike Leatham, Artur Bialas Unreal Technical Support (U.S. & Canada) Programmers Assistance Via World Wide Web Engine: Tim Sweeney

Get up-to-the-minute technical information at the GT Interactive Software web-site, at, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Through this site you'll have access to our FAQ documents, (Frequently Asked Questions) which contain our latest Game & AI: Steven Polge troubleshooting information. You'll have access to our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) area where you can download patches and new enhance- Effects: Erik de Neve ments as soon as they become available, our Hints/Cheat Codes area where you can pick up some tips, an E-Mail area where you can leave us your tech support problems and questions, and other areas where you can get valuable information on GT Interactive Software products. Audio: Carlo Vogelsang

Scripting: James Schmalz & Nick Michon Help Via Telephone In The United States & Canada

For phone assistance, call GT Interactive Software's Tech Support at 716-871-6646. We have an Interactive Voice Response and Faxback Musicians: Alexander Brandon, Michiel van den Bos system that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you should need live support, we are available Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM (EST). Please note that live Tech Support may be closed on major holidays. We ask that you do the following Sound Effects: Dave Ewing when calling: be at your computer; have your system information ready for our technicians including system make and model; RAM; video Epic Biz: Jay Wilbur, Mark Rein, Nigel Kent, and Craig Lafferty and sound card data and drivers; and any screen or error messages you've encountered and where (if not currently displayed on your screen). It will expedite your handling significantly.

In memory of Myscha and Pelit Product Return Procedures In The United States & Canada

In the event our technicians at 716-871-6646 determine that you will need to forward materials directly to us, please include a brief letter For putting up with so much, we would especially like to thank explaining what is enclosed and why. Make sure you include the Return Merchandise Authorization Number supplied you by the technician and your telephone number in case we need to call you. Any materials not containing this RMA# will be returned to you unprocessed. Your the wives, girlfriends and families of the developers. mail should be sent to the following address: GT Interactive Software Corp., Attn: TS/CS 13110 NE 177th Place, Suite # B101, Box 180, Woodinville, WA 98072-9965 GT Interactive If our technicians determine that the product storage medium is found to be defective within ninety (90) days of original purchase, (unless otherwise provided by applicable law), GTIS will replace the item free of charge, to the original purchaser, if the item is accompanied by the Producer: Jason Schreiber original dated receipt and packaging. If you do not have the original receipt, or if the warranty period has expired, GTIS will replace the Executive Producer: Greg Williams product storage medium for a nominal fee. Lead Tester: Joel Breton If your product information contains Technical Support phone numbers for Europe, you must contact those phone numbers and abide by their warranty policies. Product Manager: Ken Gold

Assistant Product Manager: Phil Tucker Technical Support (Europe) Public Relations Manager: Alan Lewis Help Via Telephone In Europe Director of Creative Services: Leslie Mills

Technical Assistance: English speaking customers call 01923 209145 Creative Director: Vic Merritt Assistance Technique: Remarque: Notre service de soutien technique se trouve en Angleterre. Artists: Michael Marrs, Jill Pomper, Lesley Zinn, and Jen Scheerer Clients francophones appelez le 00 44 1923 209148 Production Coordinator: Liz Fierro Technischer Kundendienst: Beachten Sie bitte dass sich unser technischer Kundendienst in England befindet. Den deutschsprachigen Box Design: Vic Merritt & Leslie Mills Kundendienst erreichen Sie unter folgender Nummer: 00 44 1923 209151

Testers: Mike Barker, Jim Tricario, Dan McJilton, Chris Carr, Fran Katsimpris, Matt Other Kutrik, Troy Kupisch, Calvin Grove, Mike Predergast, Jesse Smith, Clint McCaul, Corey Allen, Chris McGuirk,

Please do not make unauthorized copies The program you've purchased was produced through the efforts of many people who earn their livelihood from its lawful use. Don't make copies for others who have not paid for the right to use it. To report copyright violations to the Reuben Brown, Dave Afdahl, Ed Piper, Geoff Myers, Andre Cerny, Dave Monro, Jamal Jennings, Cormac Russel. Software Publishers Association, call 1-800-388-PIR8 or write: Manual: Mike Forge Software Publishers Association, 1101 Connecticut Ave., Suite 901, NW Washington, DC 20036 Special Thanks: Chad Faragher for the Ripper program, Nick Oddson for maintaining all our systems, This program is protected by United States federal and international copyright laws. Chris Hargett, DJ Carroll, Diane Schmalz, Shannon Newans, Evelyn Eekels, Lani Minella, Gina Hedges, All trademarks mentioned in this manual are the property of their respective owners.

Ryan Schwarts, Mark Visser, Richard Young, Eric Reuter, and the guys at UnrealNation and Unreal.Org

28 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 29,


PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. BY USING OR INSTALLING THIS SOFTWARE, OR BY PLACING OR 6. Controlling Law and Severability. This license shall be governed by and construed in COPYING THIS SOFTWARE ON YOUR COMPUTER HARDWARE, COMPUTER RAM OR OTHER accordance with the laws of the State of New York, USA. Exclusive venue for all litigation STORAGE MEDIUM, YOU ARE AGREEING TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS LICENSE. shall be in New York, New York. If any provision of this license is unenforceable, the rest of IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS, PROMPTLY RETURN THE PRODUCT IN ITS PACK- it shall remain in effect. AGING TO THE PLACE WHERE YOU OBTAINED IT. 7. Complete Agreement. This license constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with 1. License. The software accompanying this license (the “Software”) and the related documen- respect to the use of the Software and the related documentation. tation are licensed to you by us and are subject to this license. If the Software is configured 8. Editor and End-user Variations. for loading onto a hard drive, you may so load the Software only onto the hard drive of a sin- (a) The Software includes a Beta version of the upcoming Unreal Level Editor. An “Editor” gle computer and run the Software off only that hard drive. You may not delete the copyright is a feature which allows you to modify the Software or to construct new variations for notices or any other proprietary legends on the original copy of the Software. If there is an use with it. These modifications and variations can be both playable and non-playable. editor incorporated into the Software, this license is also subject to Section 8 below. You agree An Editor includes its associated tools and utilities. An Editor is NOT shareware. You that the Software will not be shipped, transferred or exported into any country in violation of may not freely distribute it to any BBS, CD, floppy or any other media. You may not the U.S. Export Administration Act (or any other law governing such matters) by you or any- sell it or repackage it for sale. The final version of the Editor will be released as a sep- one at your direction and that you will not utilize and will not authorize anyone to utilize, in arate product along with its own manual and additional features. Because the any other manner, the Software in violation of any applicable law. The Software may not be enclosed beta version is not the final version of the Editor, it may contain bugs or downloaded or otherwise exported or reexported into (or to a national or resident of) any glitches which may affect the successful creation and operation of levels and other country to which the U.S. has embargoed goods or to anyone or into any country who/which functions. This beta version of the Editor has been included to show the potential of are prohibited by applicable law, from receiving such property. the final version of the Editor. Technical support is not available from GT or Epic for 2. Restrictions. The Software contains copyrighted material, trade secrets and other proprietary the beta version of the Editor. material. You may not decompile, modify reverse engineer, publicly display, prepare deriva- (b) Using the Editor, you may create modifications or enhancements to the Software, tive works based on the Software (except as permitted in Section 8, below), disassemble or including the construction of new levels (collectively referred to as “Variations”), otherwise reproduce the Software. You may not rent, sell, lease, sublicense or distribute the subject to the following restrictions: Software. You may not offer the Software on a pay-per-play basis or otherwise commercially i. Your Variations must only work with the full, registered copy of the Software, not exploit the Software or use the Software for any commercial purpose. You may not electron- independently or with any other software. ically transmit the Software from one computer to another or over a network. ii. Your Variations must not contain modifications to any executable file. 3. Termination. This license is effective until terminated. You may terminate this license at any iii. Your Variations must not contain any libelous, defamatory, or other illegal time by destroying the Software and related documentation. This license will terminate imme- material, material that is scandalous or invades the rights of privacy or publicity diately without notice from us if you fail to comply with any provision of this license. Upon of any third party, or contains any trademarks, copyright-protected work, or termination, you must destroy the Software and related documentation. other recognizable property of third parties. iv. Your variations shall not be supported by GT Interactive Software Corp., 4. Disclaimer of Warranty on Software. You are aware and agree that use of the Software The WizardWorks Group, Inc., or any of such parties affiliates and subsidiaries.” and the media on which it is recorded are at your sole risk. The Software, related documen- v. Your Variations must be distributed solely for free. Neither you nor any other tation and the media are provided “AS IS”. Unless otherwise provided by applicable law, GT person or party may sell them to anyone, commercially exploit them in any Interactive Software Corp. (“GT”) warrants to the original purchaser of this product that the way, or charge anyone for using them without a license from Epic. You may, Software storage medium will be free from defects in material and workmanship under nor- however, exchange them at no charge among other end-users and distribute them mal use for ninety (90) days from the date of purchase. This warranty is void if the defect has to others over the Internet for free. arisen through accident, abuse, neglect or misapplication. GT AND EPIC MEGAGAMES, INC. vi. The prohibitions and restrictions in this section apply to anyone in possession of (“EPIC”) EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUD- the Software or any of your Variations. ING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FIT- NESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. WE DO NOT WARRANT THAT THE FUNCTIONS CON- 9. Copyright. The Software and all copyrights, trademarks and all other conceivable intellectu- TAINED IN THE SOFTWARE WILL MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS, NO ORAL OR WRITTEN al property rights related to the Software are owned by GT or its licensors and are protected INFORMATION OR ADVICE GIVEN BY US OR ANY OF OUR AUTHORIZED REPRESENTA- by United States copyrights laws, international treaty provisions and all applicable law, such TIVES SHALL CREATE A WARRANTY OR IN ANY WAY INCREASE THE SCOPE OF THIS WAR- as the Lanham Act. You must treat the Software like any other copyrighted material, as RANTY. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OF IMPLIED WAR- required by 17 U.S.C. section 101 et seq. and other applicable law. You agree that you are RANTIES, SO THE ABOVE EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. receiving a copy of the Software by license only and not by sale and that the “first sale” doc- trine of 17 U.S.C. section 109 does not apply to your receipt or use of the Software.Please do 5. Limitation of Liability. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, not make unauthorized copies. The program you’ve purchase was produced through the NEGLIGENCE, SHALL GT, EPIC OR ANY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OFFICERS. EMPLOYEES, efforts of many people who earn their livelihood from its lawful use. Don’t make copies for DIRECTORS, AGENTS, LICENSEES, SUBLICENSEE OR ASSIGNS BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCI- other who have not paid for the right to use it. To report copyright violations to the Software DENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES THAT RESULT FROM THE USE OR Publishers Association, call 1-800-388-PIR8 or write: INABILITY TO USE THE SOFTWARE OR RELATED DOCUMENTATION, EVEN IF SUCH PARTIES Software Publishers Association HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF THOSE DAMAGES. SOME JURISDICTIONS 1101 Connecticut Ave., Suite 901 DO NOT ALLOW THE LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR CON- NW Washington, DC 20036 SEQUENTIAL DAMAGES SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. In no event shall our total liability to you for all damages, losses, and causes of action This program is protected by United States federal and international copyright laws. (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) exceed the amount paid by you for the Software. All trademarks mentioned in this manual are the property of their respective owners. 30 NC114-85ELKS NC114-85EKLS 31, *Telephone access and other charges and taxes may apply. Other terms and conditions apply. Offer subject to change without notice. ©1998 AT&T. All rights reserved. No purchase necessary. Sweepstakes ends 1/27/99. Void where prohibited. For official rules and alternate entry, write to AT&T WorldNet Rules, P.O. Box 7408, Melville, NY 11775-7408.

Play T MUnreal

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Enter the AT&T WorldNet® “Come to Your Senses” Sweepstakes.You could win our grand prize, one of four BMWs — 528i 4-door Sedan, Z3 Roadster, M3 Coupe or 328iC Convertible — plus $10,000 in cash.Your free AT&T WorldNet Service software is already included on the enclosed CD-ROM. Install now, and receive your first month of fast, reliable Internet access — FREE.*for online gaming > Fast Internet access • World-class customer support the enemy is realIt’sallwith in your reach., PowerVR™, from NEC Electronics and VideoLogic®, is a high- performance 3D graphics technology for personal computers, game consoles and arcade systems. Using a revolutionary 3D architecture, PowerVR brings 3D images to life with realistically rendered characters, scenery and objects. PowerVR’s technology enables fast, smooth and vivid graphics, enrap- turing players with the ultimate visual experience. PowerVR offers users outstanding 3D effects. These include real shad- ows cast from any object over any surface, true exponential fogging, full-scene anti-aliasing, solid outdoor objects, long distance scenes, spectacular highlights, smooth shading and translucent effects like dirty glass, fire and water. PowerVR also supports texture image filtering modes, as well as advanced realism features such as bump mapping and special effect volumes. All of these enhancements result in significantly higher image quality and improved realism; objects and images appear clearer and more natural, with soft blended edges and smooth curves. For more information about PowerVR technology and products, please visit the PowerVR website at, bytalcreator he s ally


off ic i ed endo rsonreReal TWISTED IDEA YOU HAVE,f u



Unreal Panther XL 3D Combat controller

Panther XL, the ultimate deathmatch weapon that no first-person gamer should be without. The only 3D controller officially endorsed by the cre- ators of Unreal. To get one, call us, visit our web site, or see your local retailer. WON’S UNREAL • Intuitive 360-degree independent move-and-aim control LEVEL BUILDING CONTEST • 17 fully-programmable buttons • Supports Unreal and all of the hottest 3D first-person games PLAY FREE ON WONRealPeople. RealTime. Online. Mad Catz, Inc. • (800) 831-1442 •,

Look Out for These Now Available Unreal Products At Your Local Coming Soon! Bookstore! UNREAL NOVELS UNREAL LEVEL PACK If you enjoy playing Unreal, you will be captivated by these dark

Expand your senses even further. This is the offi- Unreal stories from Pocket Books cial level expansion pack from the masters that based on the game. brought you Unreal. Accept no imitations. • Developed by Epic Megagames, the creators of Unreal • Amazing new levels, creatures, weapons and features • Storyline thematically tied to #1 HARD CRASH the original game HARD CRASH: Zofia and Gerick are prisoners headed for death by torture when their spaceship losescontrol and slams into the alien planet of Na Pali. Freed in the crash, they find that Na Pali has been occupied by the Skaarj, a race of fierce planetary conquerors who hunt intelligent life for sport and think of humans as nothing more than a tasty meal. UNREAL The enslaved Na Pali natives believe that one of the humans might be the avenging angel prophesizedcenturies ago, the wounded god who will overthrow the Skaarj and lead them to freedom. Zofia and Gerick would much rather just find a working starship and leave the aliens to their own struggle, but they LEVEL EDITOR are caught up in forces beyond their control. Or are they? Somewhere along the way, they learn thetrue nature of power... and then the trouble really begins. The world's most advanced user-friendly tool for #2 creating 3D environments. Build any environment PROPHET’S POWERPROPHET’S POWER: Haute, the lowly Na Pali slave who would soon be you can imagine. Quickly. Easily. For the internet. called the Prophet, had fled to safety in the desolate hill country. There he Or stand-alone. Or for integration with UNREAL. had found the hidden wreckage of an ancient spacecraft, and evenmore important, found the artificial intelligence that would • Extensive, detailed manual with come to be called the Prophet’s Friend. From that day for-ward the planet Na Pali would never be the same. step-by-step instructions In a vision, Friend warned Haute of the coming inva- sion of his world and guided Haute and his compan- • Full technical support ions in their resistance against the domination of the Skaarj. But only Haute’s own natural abilities • Updated, user-friendly interface would give his people the slim chance of win- ning the final battle that would determine the • Comes with additional brushes and textures fate of their entire world. not included with unsupported beta version • “If this doesn’t bring level editing to the masses, nothing will” Computer & Net Player • Customize nearly every aspect of Unreal For more information please visit our website at,

Notes DefaultKeyboard Controls



F: FEIGN DEATH T: THROW WEAPON F4: BRING UP SCOREBOARD TAB COMMANDS (Press tab to enter the following command during multiplay) Say - message is sent out to all players Taunt Taunt1 - plays taunt 1 animation Taunt Victory1 - plays Victory 1 animation Taunt Wave - plays wave animation

NC114-85EKLS 40


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